GTA 5 Online: Fresh DLC content for Halloween and Christmas, release dates and more revealed

YouTuber MrBossFTW sheds more light on fresh content for upcoming DLCs in GTA Online.

GTA Online: Halloween DLC
GTA 5 Online: Fresh DLC content for Halloween and Christmas, release dates and more revealed YouTube

Rockstar Games recently revealed some interesting details about the forthcoming DLC content for the Halloween update in GTA Online as renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) sheds more light on the probable game content and release details for the forthcoming title updates in GTA 5.

As Ross admits in his latest gameplay video, Rockstar has hinted at the possible content for upcoming DLCs in the game starting in November and going all the way up to early next year in its recent post on Newswire. To be precise, we now have a clear picture of the DLC release timeline for the next few months in GTA Online.

According to the Newswire post, it is absolutely clear that the Event Week comprising the Halloween update will be ending on 7 November. With the Halloween update set for 28 October release, we can rest assured that all the spooky DLC items and in-game content will be available in GTA 5 until 7 November.

Rockstar's recent announcement suggests that in addition to the new Sanctus motorcycle and the Lost Vs Damned mode, we are likely to see more DLC items as well as gameplay content being released with the upcoming Halloween update in GTA Online.

The Tornado Rat-Rod and the Uber Classic are among the highly-anticipated DLC vehicles for the Halloween update as they are still being found hidden in the GTA 5 game files.

Based on the theory that Rockstar would continue unleashing it Event Week specials every fortnight (once in two weeks), we could see the subsequent event weeks starting on 8 November and 22 November respectively.

Consequently, if Rockstar decides to release just the Sanctus bike and the Lost Vs Damned mode with the Halloween DLC, then we are likely to see the remaining four unreleased DLC vehicles and two more Adversary modes in the upcoming update on 8 November.

The four DLC vehicles that are yet to be released in the game include the Esskey, Shotaro, Uber Classic, and the Tornado Rat-Rod. Going by the current DLC release pattern, it is almost certain that Rockstar will be releasing two vehicles and one Adversary mode with each of the remaining Event Weeks.

As Ross explains, the GTA community would be keen on knowing what gameplay content would be rolled out once the November Event Weeks are done.

According to prolific GTA tipster Yan2295, there is only one major update left for this year. It is the Christmas DLC surprise that will be released as part of the tunables update, assuming that Rockstar doesn't push it back as it did with the Biker update.

Furthermore, it is obvious that the Christmas update will come out sometime in December as has been the case every year. Yan2295 also adds that the December update will comprise of the high risk/high reward or the import/export DLC, which Rockstar hinted at a while ago.

Another prolific GTA tipster Funmw2 has suggested that there are still three unreleased Adversary modes in the game namely Deadline, Lost Vs Damned and Kill Quota. With Kill Quota carrying the same hashes as the Lost Vs Damned, it is almost certain that both these Adversary modes will follow each other in the game.

To be precise, you can load Lost Vs Damned spawn locations and weapons if you have Kill Quota DLC mode installed on your computer or console device.

Although it is unlikely that one of these Adversary modes could have mistakenly popped up in hidden game files, Rockstar might end up fixing or modifying the content via Tunables or a new update if the game maker deems it fit.

However, all three Adversary modes are likely to be released one after another starting with the Lost Vs Damned and then following it up with Deadline and Kill Quota in that order or sequence.

In related news, another avid YouTuber 'ItsjackfromYT' suggests that the game still has five unused Stunt races wherein each of them can last for a week for a total of five weeks. In other words, Rockstar is expected to launch its December weekly updates on the sixth or thirteenth of the month as the premium stunt races would get used up by 5 December.

To sum it up, it is now almost certain that the Christmas update will be rolled out either on 6 December or 13 December as these dates fall on first and second Tuesday of the month respectively.