GTA 5 Online DLC: Release info of new Pfister 811 and Seven-70 cars found in game files

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals some interesting code-number concept for DLC item releases including Pfister 811 and Seven-70 cars in GTA Online.

Rockstar Games recently released a new surprise update for GTA Online comprising the highly-speculated Power Play mode and Grotti X80 Proto supercar. The X80 Proto is just one of the three rumoured DLC cars, wherein the Pfister 811 supercar and Dewbauchee Seven-70 sports car are expected to be released in subsequent title updates for GTA Online.

Meanwhile, renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has suggested that Rockstar is likely to repeat the trend of releasing a bunch of cars in instalments as was the case with Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC in GTA Online. If the past is any indication, it is almost certain that Rockstar will be releasing the Pfister 811 and Seven-70 in the subsequent weekly updates.

For instance, we might recall that Rockstar had released three new cars namely the Tornado, Minivan and the Sabre-Turbo in three successive weekly updates for the Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC.

Assuming that Rockstar will be repeating history, we could expect one of the Pfister 811 or Seven-70 to be released on 28 June or next Tuesday and the other one on 5 July, which is exactly two weeks from the release date of Grotti X80 Proto.

As Ross explains, some fresh details have been unearthed in the game's tunable files wherein the Grotti X80 has an entry code '80' while the Seven-70 has the code '81' and the Pfister 811 has the code '82' marked next to it. Considering that Rockstar often does the numbering of its DLC items in a chronological sequence which is in line with its release date, we can expect these three cars to be released one after another in three successive updates.

Ross also points to another interesting aspect that further strengthens the release date theory with these three new DLC cars wherein you can actually notice the same code numbers at the end of in-game web-browser URLs for each of these cars on the Legendary Motorsport website (see screenshots above and below).

Quite interestingly, the code numbers assigned for the DLC cars in the tunable game files do match precisely with those in the in-game website URLs. In other words, if the code number concept is true then we could actually rest assured that the Dewbauchee Seven-70 will be released 28 June (next Tuesday) followed by the Pfister 811 a week later or on 5 July.

Independence Day and Cunning Stunts DLC

If the code number concept for the DLC release date is indeed true then we might not see the release of Cunning Stunts update for the American Independence Day.

In other words, Rockstar will have to release the other two DLC cars (Pfister 811 and Seven-70) together on 28 June in order to make way for the Independence Day update on 5 July or else they will be forced to skip the update for good.

Meanwhile, prolific GTA tipster Funmw2 has suggested in the GTA forums site that there's 15 special tops as well as 14 smoking jackets and pajamas still to be released in forthcoming title updates for GTA Online. Funmw2 also adds that we have received just two sets of smoking jackets and pajamas till now and the "invasion is coming."

Consequently, we could just hope for some big Event Week updates as Rockstar seems to have lined up content-rich DLCs for the coming weeks in GTA Online.

Ross sums up saying that the Cunning Stunts DLC will be pushed back to the second-half of July 2016 as Rockstar is likely to release the three DLC cars through successive Event Week updates.