GTA 5 Online DLC: Grotti X80 Proto vs Pfister 811 vs others – new fastest supercar revealed

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals the fastest supercar and sports car in his ultimate speed comparison test for unreleased cars.

Prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross performs the ultimate speed comparison test between the unreleased supercars and the top-tier supercars which are already available in GTA Online. As Ross admits, the speed test comprises of fully upgraded supercars via the mod menu and being tested in GTA 5 single-player or story mode.

The YouTuber has employed the teleportation mod which allows him to line-up the cars perfectly so that their wheels at the exact same spot for each test. He also adds that there is no pre-boosting or engine-revving trick used while doing this speed test and instead it is the normal acceleration after the 'Go' signal appears on the screen.

Grotti X80 Proto vs Pfister 811

The first speed test features the new supercars Grotti X80 Proto versus the Pfister 811 in a side-by-side, split-screen frame comparison. The test concludes that the Grotti X80 and Pfister 811 come really close at the finish line as there is very little to separate the two in terms of acceleration or top speed while racing a straight line.

Tip #1: With the X80 being extremely expensive ($2.7 million (m)) than the Pfister 811 ($1.1m), the latter could be the unanimous choice especially if you are on a tight budget. In other words, you could get the same performance as the X80 and also save around $1.6m if you opt for the Pfister 811.

Grotti X80 Proto vs Progen T20

The second test compares the newcomer Grotti X80 with the reigning champion Progen T20 wherein the performance results are surprisingly close as the two supercars compete down to the wire. The test results conclude that the Grotti X80 is marginally faster than the T20 and that should justify the former's price tag which is $500,000 more than the latter.

Grotti X80 Proto vs Banshee 900R

The third test puts X80 Proto up against the Banshee 900R in a straight-line drag race, wherein the Proto emerges the winner once again, edging past the 900R by a whisker.

Grotti X80 Proto vs Vapid FMJ vs Pegassi Reaper

In the final test, the Grotti X80 Proto simply smoked the two supercars - Vapid FMJ and the Pegassi Reaper - from the Finance and Felony DLC by a margin of two full seconds in a one-on-one drag race. Consequently, the Grotti X80 wins the honour of being the fastest supercar till date in GTA Online.

Pfister 811 vs Progen T20

The Pfister 811 packs quite a punch despite being a reasonably priced supercar as it beats the Progen T20 by just a fraction of a second at the finish line.

Pfister 811 vs Banshee 900R

The Pfister 811 and the Banshee 900R run really close to the finish line while the former barely manages to edge out the latter by a whisker. Going by the speed test results, the Pfister stands out as the fastest budget supercar in GTA history.

Dewbauchee Seven-70 vs Dewbauchee Massacro

Quite surprisingly, the Dewbauchee Massacro steals the spotlight by outrunning the Seven-70 by a full second at the finish line. A mini one-second engine boost for the Seven-70 at the start does not seem to change the result as the Massacro emerges the winner again in the drag-race test.

Given the lack of performance and expensive price of the Seven-70 over the Massacro, the latter becomes the unanimous choice of die-hard sports car lovers in GTA Online.

Dewbauchee Seven-70 vs Dinka Jester Race car

The Seven-70 manages to outrun the Dinka Jester by a noticeable margin as the latter lacks the top speed when it comes to close finishes.

Finally, the Elegy sports car could not match up to the speed or acceleration potential of the Seven-70 as the latter emerges as the second best sports car in GTA Online.