GTA 5 DLC: Ultimate customisation guide for hidden supercars - Grotti X80 Proto, Pfister 811 and Seven-70

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals ultimate customisation guide for new supercars found in hidden DLC game files for GTA Online.

Avid car modders in GTA Online are in for a special treat as prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross has revealed the ultimate customisation guide for some sports and supercars found in the hidden game files of Finance and Felony DLC.

Ross has unearthed some interesting customisation options for the hidden cars which are likely to be released with the forthcoming updates in GTA Online. He has also revealed the tips and tricks to unmask the hidden details of these supercars.

Here is how you do it:

  • The trick to uncovering these supercars is to visit Simian at the Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom in Los Santos in story mode and ask him if you could check out some of his latest exotic rides.
  • When you browse through the supercar collection in the inventory list, you can easily find an entry for Grotti X80 Proto which appears just above the Pegassi Reaper. Just select the Proto and then you can see the Vehicle Customisation option in the interaction menu.
  • Just scroll down and you can see the Test Drive option which can be selected for a free trial drive across the lush meadows along the countryside roads. Now go ahead and hit confirm to proceed.

Grotti X80 Proto

The Proto comes with some impressive interior upgrades for a supercar including a bunch of elegant dials and gauges, besides the Grotti logo on its steering wheel. In addition, you will marvel at the car's stunning looks and glamorous design elements including the custom stock wheels.

Customisation options for X80 Proto

Once you are done gazing at its impeccable aerodynamic-body-design, just take the car to the LS Customs and you will be surprised to notice 16 customisation options. The X80 is priced at $3,750,000 in GTA 5 story mode which makes it the most expensive supercar in the game till date.

  • You could start with the front bumpers and then move on to the engine as well as exhaust upgrades. Don't forget to put on the Xeon headlights as they give your car a super cool look.
  • Tip #1: You could try matching up the colour of its side-skirt with that of the front bumpers or stick to your crew's colour theme in GTA Online.
  • Coming to the spoilers, you could pick the Race Wing which looks just amazing and precisely fits the colour theme of your car. Then you can upgrade the suspension to either lowered or street suspension as the stock version itself has extremely low clearance.
  • You might want to install the race transmission and the turbo upgrades if you really want to feel the engine revving and roaring back to life.
  • If you aren't satisfied with the car's interior colours or its theme, you can try fiddling with the Trim colour option to match your own taste.
  • Tip #2: Using the Accent colour option, you can change the thinly outlined stripes of the car at the rear as well as match it with the colour of the rim on the wheel.
  • Tip #3: You could either go with the vibrant red primary colour theme or the elegant white colour theme for the body if you want the outlined colour stripes to stand out.
  • Tip #4: Quite surprisingly, the Proto features the identical gull-wing doors that are found on the Pegassi Osiris, besides adding a stylish tail-door near the spoiler.

Pfister 811

Up next, we have the Pfister 811 which is priced $100,000 cheaper than the Grotti X80 at $2,750,000. It is based on the Porsche 918 and its interiors imitate the simple design of the classic cars.

  • The 811 boasts around 17 customisation options which are quite impressive as the car features an extremely compact, comet-style design. You can upgrade its armour and the front and rear bumpers, according to your personal taste.
  • Tip #5: You may want to check out the Drift bumper upgrade if you really want to build a car for drifting...
  • Among other noteworthy upgrades, you must try the engine and exhaust upgrades, especially the dual shotgun and custom shotgun exhausts.
  • Also, do check out the Carbon and Street skirts if you want to enhance the looks of your car.
  • Get some traction boost with the low-level spoiler upgrade.
  • Finally, don't forget to try out the 'No Roof' upgrade and the Custom Roof upgrade.
  • Tip #6: The Pfister 811 sports a stunningly weird tail door along with slick body contours and front passenger doors.

Dewbauchee Seven-70

The Seven-70 is the third in Ross' customisation list and it's the only sports car in the list of hidden cars for upcoming updates in GTA Online. It is based on the design aesthetics of the Aston Martin 1 or the Aston Martin DB10, or indeed a hybrid of the two cars.

Given the price ($900,000) and design elements of the Seven-70, we just wonder if it could put up a tough competition with its older sibling, the Dewbauchee Massacro.

The Seven-70 portrays extremely simple interior design, unlike the two supercars we checked out earlier. However, it is a 2-seater car like most other sports cars in the game, but offers up to 15 customisation options via Los Santos Customs (LSC).

Check out Ross' latest gameplay video for GTA Online to know more about the available custom upgrades for the new Dewbauchee sports car: