Graphic Video Shows 'Suicidal' Wrestler Daffney Unger Holding Gun as She Reads Her Last Will in Instagram Live

Concerns are being raised on the social media about the well being of wrestler Daffney Unger after she appeared suicidal during multiple Instagram Live videos. Netizens also spotted a gun near the distressed wrestler.

Emergency services were dispatched to check on the wrestler soon after her videos surfaced on social media.

Daffney Unger
Wrestler Daffney Unger Twitter

Was Wrestler Speaking About Organ Donation?

One of the videos uploaded by a user named @SkullsMedia on Twitter shows Unger crying and saying. "How do you know. Do you not understand that I am all alone," Unger is heard saying repeatedly.

Unger, who is seen sitting on a bed, then unwraps something, which appears to be a gun, from a piece of cloth and points it towards herself. She then goes on to cover herself till the neck with a blanket and is heard repeatedly saying "Just Stop, please stop!!"

"Okay Okay, I am so sorry. I love you. Remember, my brain goes to Boston. Straight to Boston," the wrestler is heard saying moments later.

However, despite several requests, the Twitter user refused to take down the disturbing video. "I'm not taking it down - if this saves even one person's life, it's worth losing all the followers, it's worth having no followers at all. LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SOCIAL MEDIA. What I am going to do is take a break from Twitter. Social media often CAUSES things like this," read the tweet.

Help Sought for Distressed Wrestler on Social Media

Several netizens including the pro wrestlers were seen raising concerns about Unger following her multiple videos.

"If anyone has a way of reaching Daffney Unger, or knows her address, please help out. She's in a bad personal place and is threatening to harm herself. My phone call went straight to voicemail," Mick Foley tweeted.

"Been Trying to text / call Daffney non stop – her vm is full, I do not know her address if anyone does please call the police," wrote Crowbar.

In a tweet, Sean Ross Sapp confirmed that Unger's family has also been contacted for help. "For those concerned about Daffney, emergency services have been contacted and sent to her most recent known address. Her family have been reached, and have her current address. She'd moved in the past couple of weeks. Police have been dispatched," the tweet read.

Meng's Mullet, a Twitter user, detailed the graphic videos in his tweets insisting that one of them had a gun. "She has a gun. If you know where she is please do something", he tweeted before adding, "this seemed to get out there to people fast enough, her phone started beeping & ringing. She was crying and referred to the notes as the last will and testament of Shannon Spruill (her real name) and started talking about who she wants to donate her car to. Keep calling if u can."