Biden Rolled Eyes at the Mother of Slain US Marine Kareem Nikoui? FB Deletes Shana Chappell's Account

U.S. President Joe Biden has been accused of rolling eyes at the mother of slain marine Kareem Nikoui. Biden was also slammed for repeatedly looking at his wrist-watch as the bodies of 13 slain U.S. servicemen arrived at Dover Air Force Base.

In the viral video Biden was seen saluting the slain soldiers during the 'dignified transfer'. Soon after he dropped his arm and appeared to take a quick glance at his watch on the left wrist.

Joe Biden
U.S. President Joe Biden caught looking at his watch at Dover Air Force Base. Twitter

Grieving Mother Slams Biden For Walking Away

Shana Chappell, who was present at the Dover Air Force base to receive the body of her son, took to Facebook to express her displeasure over the interaction with the U.S. President.

Revealing the incident when Biden 'rolled his eyes' at her, Chappell wrote that it happened when Biden tried to console her by talking about his own son.

shana Chappell

"You tried to interrupt me and give me your own sob story and I had to tell you "that this isn't about you so don't make it about you!!! ..... U then rolled your fucking eyes in your head like you were annoyed with me," read the post.

Chappell also accused Biden of walking away after she told him that her son's blood was on his hands. "You threw your hand up behind you as you walked away from me like you were saying " ok whatever!!!"

Biden Called a 'Disgrace' by Slain Soldier's Mother

Chappell, who also dubbed Biden as a disgrace in a post made on her Instagram account, slammed the U.S. President for repeatedly checking his watch. "Btw as my son and the rest of our fallen Heros were being taken off the plane yesterday i watched you disrespect us all 5 different times by checking your watch!!! What the f*** was so important that you had to keep looking at your watch????" she wrote in the post.

However, soon after Chappell wrote the inflammatory post, she alleged that her Facebook and Instagram account were taken down.

In a communique sent to Heavy, the social media giant confirmed that the slain Marine's mom's Instagram page was mistakenly deleted and then restored. "We express our deepest condolences to Ms. Chappell and her family," Facebook said. "Her tribute to her heroic son does not violate any of our policies. While the post was not removed, her account was incorrectly deleted, and we have since restored it."