Trump Thrills His Supporters With Impromptu Drive By on Presidents Day; Twitter Flooded with Messages

Hundreds of Trump supporters lined up the streets near Mar-A-Lago in West Palm beach where former U.S. President Donald Trump made his first public appearance post his acquittal on Monday. Trump waved to his fans during an impromptu drive by conducted on the Presidents Day.

Trump, who was impeached for inciting the January 6 attacks on the Capitol, was acquitted by the Senate after Republicans overwhelmingly voted against convicting him. The Senate voted 57 to 43 to convict him on Saturday and although seven Republicans went over to the Democrat's side to convict him, it was 10 votes short of the 67 needed for the two-thirds majority needed for conviction.

donald trump
Former US President Donald Trump during a drive by on Presidents' Day. Twitter

Trump Gives a Thumbs Up to His Supporters

In a message following his acquittal, which makes his eligible for 2024 Presidential run, Trump had said, "Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun. In the months ahead I have much to share with you."

On Monday, his fans gathered near his residence to express their support to the former president. Tweeting the scenario, Trump's aide Dan Scavino, who was accompanying him in the vehicle, wrote: "This is unbelievable! 45 returns to Mar-a-Lago this afternoon, after an awesome day out on the this...." Trump was seen giving his trademark thumbs-up to the supporters lined on the streets.

The New York Post reported that the pro-Trump Right Side Broadcasting Network streamed the footage of the rally which saw several people holding placards filled with messages in support of Trump.

Social Media Celebrates Trump on Presidents' Day

Social media too was filled with messages for the former U.S. president on the occasion of Presidents Day. "Presidents day shout out to the best President of the 20th and 21st Centuries, Donald J. Frikkin Trump!!! Salute!!!" wrote a Twitter user as another added, "Did you see all the Presidents' Day parades and rallies across the United States for Joe Biden - the most popular president ever? Me neither. That's because they were all for President Trump."

"Along with several other planes, they flew over Mar-A-Lago for Presidents Day for Donald Trump. There were millions in motorcade parades flying Trump flags & American flags, blowing horns & showing our President support," read another tweet.

There were a few users who also trolled Trump for trending on Presidents Day. "On Presidents Day, Donald J trump will forever be remembered as the seditious traitor who was twice impeached and the worst person to ever occupy the White House, because only WINNERS get to write history," tweeted a user.

"This Presidents Day remind Trump Supporters he's Not President Anymore. Apparently they don't know," added another.