Graphic Video Captures Moment Russian Tourist Is Eaten Alive by Shark in Horrific Attack on Egypt Beach [WATCH]

According to the Telegram news channel, the deadly attack took place in front of other vacationers 30 meters from the beach.

A Russian tourist was killed and eaten by a shark at a popular Egyptian beach resort, as other tourists watched in horror. A horrifying video has emerged of the moment the shark attacks the popular Egyptian resort of Hurghada just feet away from a crowded beach. The deadly attack happened on Thursday, according to Russian media reports.

Russian media reports said that the incident happened on the beach of the Dream Beach hotel and that the victim was a Russian national. Later, Viktor Voropayev, the consul general of Russia in Hurghada, confirmed to the local TASS news agency about the deadly attack.

Harrowing Moment of Death

According to the Telegram news channel, the deadly attack took place in front of other vacationers 30 meters from the beach. The horrifying incident was captured on camera by eyewitnesses.

"A Russian died as a result of the shark attack," Voropayev said, identifying the victim as 23-year-old V. Popov. Later, Russian media reports identified the victim as Vladimir Popov, a freelance illustrator living outside Moscow.

One woman in the video can be heard saying off-camera, "She is now eating up his remains."

Shark attack
The shark seen eating the Russian tourist while onlookers watched in horror Twitter

It is noteworthy that vacationers and rescuers have seen a shark fin above the water for the past few days, but everyone thought it was dolphins swimming. Authorities have now imposed a temporary ban on tourists from going go into the waters.

In the horrifying video of the incident, hotel employees can be heard pleading with people to get out of the water as the shark's fin approaches.

Shark attack
The man seen trying to save himself as the shark drags him completely underwater within minutes Twitter

After that, Popov is seen battling the shark before it becomes apparent to everyone watching that they are losing the battle. One of the witnesses who recorded the fatal attack can be heard saying, "It's eating his remains now." The beast soon pulled him completely underwater.

Danger in the Water

Witnesses claimed that rescuers attempted to save Popov but that the shark had already gotten him by the time they arrived.

According to Russian media reports, Popov's girlfriend who was also in the sea along with him, somehow managed to swim away and escape. She was caught on camera crying hysterically on the beach as others tried to console her following the gruesome spectacle

According to reports, visitors to the resort are no longer permitted to access the sea.

Last year, another tourist died in a horrific shark attack at a well-known beach resort in Egypt after the creature tore apart her "arm and leg", as onlookers watched in shock.

Vladimir Popov
The victim was identified as Vladimir Popov Twitter

The woman, an Austrian pensioner, died in an ambulance from "shock", possibly a heart attack, after the Red Sea horror.

Videos were filmed by watching Russian tourists who bemoaned the lack of lifeguards or rescuers. While a sizable audience observed the incident, no one was spotted diving into the water to assist the woman.