Grace Millane: Chilling Video Shows British Backpacker's Killer Stuffing Her Body in Suitcase

Footage from the surveillance video shows Kempson using a porter's trolley to drag out two suitcases into an elevator at the CityLife motel in Auckland.

Chilling surveillance footage shows that a New Zealand man dragging out the body of his Tinder date British backpacker Grace Millane in a suitcase out of a motel. Millane was holidaying in New Zealand when she was mysteriously strangled to death at an Auckland motel in 2018 and an investigation initially identified a different man as her killer.

However, it was later revealed that the killer was none other than 28-year-old Jesse Shane Kempson, who had met Millane on Tinder, dated her, killed her mercilessly and then stashed her body in two suitcases and then dumped them. In order to protect his trial rights, New Zealand courts had earlier ordered Kempson's name to be withheld due to his involvement and subsequent convictions in two separate sexual violence cases. But now his name has been made public and he has been pronounced guilty.

Gruesome Murder

Grace Millane
Grace Millane Facebook

On Tuesday, Kempson was found guilty of murdering Millane on the eve of her 22nd birthday, according to the BBC. Footage from the surveillance video shows Kempson using a porter's trolley to drag out two suitcases into an elevator at the CityLife motel in Auckland.

In fact, CCTV cameras captured all the final moments of the young girl before she was choked to death. She spent the final hours in the company on Kempson as the two sipped cocktails and shared kisses after meeting on Tinder for a date. She can also be seen being hugged by Kempson as they first met before they are later seen embracing in bars in the city. The final moments show her exiting a lift and proceeding toward her room where she was killed.

Spine-Chilling Video Footage

Kempson accompanied Millane to her room and then strangled her to death. Of the several footages shown during the court trial one shows a stone-faced Kempson walking into a fluorescent-lit store and purchasing what appears to be cleaning supplies. He then stuffed her body into a suitcase coffin and buried in a shallow grave with a blanket of mud shoveled on top.

The series of clips concludes with Kempson, who looks noticeably distraught, riding in the backseat of a taxi. Millane's body was discovered after more than from the foothills about 20 miles southwest of Auckland.

Jesse Shane Kempson
Jesse Shane Kempson carrying Grace Millane's body in a suitcase Twitter

Millane's parents were seen wiping away tears when the video was shown in court during Kempson's murder trial. However, this isn't the only crime committed by Kempson. He had committed violent sex crimes against two other women before Millane's murder in 2016 and 2017.

It was been revealed that Kempson raped another British tourist eight months before killing Millane and had sexually assaulted his girlfriend in a sickening ordeal lasting months. Both trials, which took place in October and November, have concluded in pronouncing him guilty.

Throughout the trial, Kempson's attorney had alleged Millane accidentally died during consensual rough sex. He repeatedly lied in police interviews, according to prosecutors. However, Kempson's name never appeared during the trial. He could finally be named this week after a court order banning his identification was lifted as he lost an appeal against his conviction and sentence over Millane's killing.