Is GOT7 Singer Jackson Wang Secretly Dating (G)I-DLE Member Yuqi?

GOT7 member Jackson Wang and (G)I-DLE member Yuqi are in a secret relationship, according to some eagle-eyed netizens. The dating rumors started doing the rounds after a video of Wang visiting Yuqi went viral online. Wang was visiting Yuqi's home when somebody recorded it. Later, the person shared it online, and the footage went viral online. The clip was taken in late 2021.

The social networking sites also reported that Yuqi was carrying a bunch of roses the next day. So, several netizens became curious about the relationship between Wang and Yuqi. It quickly became a hot topic of discussion on social networking sites, including Weibo. The netizens shared the video online and started discussing the secret relationship shared by Wang and Yuqi.

"According to Chinese media, it is said that (G)I-DLE Yuqi and GOT7 Jackson Wang are dating. Yuqi was seen going to Jackson Wang's house after settling at a hotel. She was also seen carrying roses after returning from his house the next day", the Twitter user wrote.

"don't y'all know that Jackson's team worked with yuqi? like it's for business...why would staff be there? even if they are dating what is wrong with that? just leave idle alone!" another Netizen commented.

:Yuqi arrives in Beijing. After reaching her hotel, she went to a housing estate, allegedly the same one that Jackson lives in 1124. Driver picks up Yuqi's assistant from the hotel first, drives back to the hotel with Yuqi who spent the night elsewhere, and she was holding roses", the social media user tweeted.

"SongYuqi was seen spending the night at #JacksonWang home & returning to her hotel with a bouquet of roses in the morning #cpop", another comment read

Jackson Wang and (G)I-DLE member Yuqi
The relationship between Jackson Wang and (G)I-DLE member Yuqi become a hot topic of discussion online. Twitter

Meanwhile, a few social media users also claimed that it is fake news. While a couple of netizens just wrote "fake news", a few others explained why it is not true.

"okay, fun's over it's fake LOL Jackson left Beijing on the 24th and yuqi left nanjing to go to sk on the 23rd they weren't even in the same province", a netizen explained.


The idols and their agencies are yet to release an official statement regarding the dating rumors.

Yuqi is reportedly gearing for a comeback with her teammates in March after a year-long break. K-media outlets reported that the girl group will release a new album soon. It will mark the return of this band as a five-member girl group after the departure of Soojin in August 2021.