GOT7 Member Jinyoung Opens New Twitter Account Ahead of Yumi's Cells 2 Premiere

GOT7 member Jinyoung has opened a new Twitter account days before the premiere of his upcoming drama Yumi's Cells 2. The idol launched his official page on the microblogging platform last week, and it immediately captured the attention of his fans. He posted a photo of himself as the first tweet.

The image was accompanied by a caption that read: "I made it". Soon, teammate BamBam left a comment for the picture. He wrote, "Follow Me," and Jinyoung replied, "thank you". Shortly, BamBam shared a funny meme of Jinyoung transforming into Pepe the Frog.

GOT7 member JAYB also commented on the post by describing Jinyoung as cute, which was followed by another funny meme by BamBam. The series of replies kept entertaining the other Twitter users, and they also responded to Jinyoung's post. The idol currently has 29,000 followers.

GOT7 member Jinyoung Twitter/Jinyoung

Yumi's Cells 2 Spoilers

Jinyoung will appear in the upcoming web drama Yumi's Cells 2 as Kim Go Eun's colleague Yoo Babi. The mini-series will focus on his blossoming romance with the title character and his transformation. But the drama will begin by featuring Yumi's struggles in getting over her unexpected breakup with Ahn Bo Young.

The production team has released new stills featuring the transformation of Go Eun after she became single again. A photo shows her looking at the phone and lost in deep thoughts. It also hints at her struggles to fall asleep at night. The image even highlights the emptiness in her eyes.

Yumi's Cells 2
Behind the scene stills of Kim Go Eun and GOT7 member Jinyoung in Yumi's Cells 2. Twitter/TVing

The other two pictures show her getting engaged in shopping and drinking bear to get over her breakup with Bo Young. Her cells might try hard to help Yumi start leading a new life and forget Goo Woong.

"Kim Go Eun always portrays every moment of Yumi's joys and sorrows in new ways. The cells that are working hard for Yumi will make the viewers laugh and touch their hearts at the same time," the producers said.

Yumi's Cells 2 will premiere on TVING Friday, June 10.