Google Uptime app enables watching YouTube videos with friends in real-time

Google's new Uptime app for iPhone allows users to share and watch YouTube videos in real-time.

Google Uptime app
Google Uptime app enables watching YouTuber videos with friends in real-time

Google has just rolled out a new iPhone app called Uptime, which enables users watch YouTube videos with their friends in real time. The app can be downloaded for free on all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices running iOS 10 or later.

The app users can communicate with friends while watching videos, share their favourite clips, and receive daily video recommendations from friends and followers. Users can also explore each other's likes and dislikes based on their video-browsing history and express their reactions through comments and stickers in response to the shared video.

Uptime was reportedly born as a project of Google's internal incubator program, called Area 120, which encourages employees to participate in more creative and innovative side projects that could benefit Google.

The app is limited for iOS-only users in the US and requires an invite to use. One can unlock access to invitation for the service, using the code 'PIZZA' as reported by The Next Web.

Interested users may go ahead and download the Uptime app for free via App Store.