Android 8.0 aka Android O coming to Google I/O with smart, intelligent features

Google is working on user-friendly smart features for Android O to elevate user experience to a whole new level.

Android O
Android 8.0 aka Android O coming to Google I/O with smart, intelligent features

Google is widely expected to unveil the next major iteration of Android aka 'Android 8.0' at its forthcoming I/O developer conference in May. Android 8.0 codenamed 'Android O' will be featuring numerous smart and intelligent features that will take the user experience to a whole new level.

Google seems too keen on improving the user's digital experience on the Android platform by introducing smart features such as 'Copy Less' and hyperlinking text messages in conversations along the lines of iOS.

The Copy Less feature will essentially use Artificial Intelligence to learn and adapt to user's surfing or sharing habits by pre-empting what text or content the user wants to share between apps.

For instance, a smartphone or tablet user running Android O could search for a specific landmark, restaurant or a theatre via Google search. This search info could then be used to notify the user regarding the location's address, opening hours and/or contact details within the browser or a different app or offer hyperlinks if the user is sharing any such useful info through the Messages app.

Although iOS has been implementing these features for several years, it seems Google is finally headed in the right direction as it could integrate multiple smart apps within another app like opening Maps with a single tap on the hyperlinked text inside a Messaging or Calendar app.

It is also reported that Android O will support new gesture-based features on a locked screen, wherein it would enable a user to simply draw a letter on the display to show up all the apps whose names are linked to that shortcut. For instance, drawing 'F' on the screen could pull up Facebook and 'W' could list out Whatsapp and so on.

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