Google Play Store 8.3.42 update arrives with security patches

Google Play Store 8.3.42 version can now be installed through an APK file.

A new Play Store update has been rolled out by Google on Thursday with bug fixes on board. More updates are expected to arrive in the next few days.

Google Play Store 8.3.42 version can now be installed through an APK file. The latest update comes a week after the preceding version arrived. While the update is relatively small in size at 16.9 megabytes, it offers a couple of security patches.

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No visual improvements have been noticed with the new update. However, there could be more under the hood improvements coming up next. Google Play Store 8.3.42 can be download on APK Mirror. Users have the option to wait for the official update that Google might push after a couple of days.

So far, the search giant had rolled out the bottom navigation bars as the biggest update to the Play Store recently through the 8.2.38 version, which was first released on September 22. In September alone, Google released a total of nine of updates and is expected to push a couple of updates more for the month.

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Meanwhile, Google has been moving more of its native apps and services into the Play Store. The battery app of Pixel and Nexus devices is the latest tool to have arrived. Other Google apps and services previously ported to the Play Store include Google Assistant, Google Keyboard (Gboard) and Dialer, among others.

The Pixel and Nexus battery app on Google Play Store is named Device Health Services. Among other functions, it can predict how the phone's battery will last based on current activities. Download the Device Health Services for Android app via this link.