Google offers new job search tool with salary, location and more features: How it stacks?

Google is making job search easier and better after revamping latest jobs search feature in its search tools to help millions of people.

google search update
Google Search interface in Dutch (Pixabay)

Google has announced an entirely new job feature today wherein the job seekers in the US can find the latest job listings directly through the google search engine with additional info on salary and job-save feature.

Planned in May, the job search program has successfully tied up with market leaderds such as Monster, Glassdoor, and Facebook with the latest features such as dynamic email alerts, salary info and other details.

The advanced search filter also allows the user to narrow the search for available jobs within a designated radius. Google job hunting tool will help job seekers in the US for now, to be replicated elsewhere later.

The next feature to be added is to save jobs. Google search will now display salary information based on the specified position with the help of job titles, location of the job and the employer's name. The required data will be collected from the top employment websites like Linkedin, Glassdoor and Payscale.

job search tool
Credit: Androidauthority

Once the user is on Google search page, he or she can type "jobs near me" and the result shows all the available jobs near the opted region. If the job is posted in multiple sites job seekers will be able to apply for it through their preferred site. Other options like job category, title, posted date and type of position like full-time or part-time will be provided for job seekers. For some positions it can also show you the estimated time of arrival at the employers location.

Nick Zakrasek , the product manager said, "It's hard to imagine search that has more impact than trying to find a job for yourself." He also said that it's an area where they relatively invested less compared to its importance.

Google is also planning to start a series of sessions by helping the US visitors to access Google products and one-on-one training platforms. Zakrasek said that the main components include educating people to use Google job search.