Google to integrate updated version of Google Assistant in cars

A new software update will make all the 2016 Ford vehicles compatible with Android Auto and CarPlay

Tesla is, of course, renowned for incorporating latest driver-focused technologies in their most advanced cars, which are nearly unseen in any other cars. However, drivers and enthusiasts have started raising questions about why can't they expect the same level of advancements in technology for cars, as they get in other devices, like smartphones. Google and Apple, two of the biggest tech companies in the world, have finally answered the call with Android Auto and CarPlay respectively. But, the genius minds of Android Auto is now taking a step further than both Tesla and Apple and the platform has promised complete Android integration with your car, including adding Google Assistant.

android auto

The more exciting feature is that a new software update will make all the 2016 Ford vehicles compatible with Android Auto and CarPlay.

The newer car models will also integrate the system very soon, as Audi and Volvo, both have partnered with Google and Android Auto will be available in their models that will be available from 2018.

According to VentureBeat, Audi's new virtual cockpit, the visually stunning high-definition TFT display, would be an amazing match for the Android Auto's expanded functionality. The cockpit of the car brings all aspects of the car's onboard systems front-and-centre.

Google I/O has made the concept images available, which show the integrated interiors of both Audi Q8 Sport and Volvo XC60, although, in the appearance of 2018 models.

Delivering a command to the Google Assistant in the cars is as simple as it is on the phones. Users will just have to utter the key phrase, "OK Google," and the Assistant would come to life in order to help with whatever's on your mind.


This Assistant is, however, not the same old one that is used in the Android phones, Assistant for the cars has been updated and specially designed to make the luxury-car experience even better and unstressed. Some of the features of the newer version of Google Assistant are 3D mapping and providing satellite images. And of course, you can also avail all the usual jobs of a digital assistant, like making a call, sending a message, finding locations, providing directions, playing music and more.

Undoubtedly other tech majors will not sit idly while Google go on to make the Assistant available in Android Auto. Amazon and Apple, both the companies are aiming to gain a market share to integrate the competing version of their own operating systems into cars from Ford to BMW and more.


Other than that, While Samsung has been pointed out as a potential OEM for in-car entertainment; some automakers have suggested that they will devise their own proprietary digital assistant.