Google plans integrating Assistant in Raspberry Pi powered devices

Google launches an AIY Project with access to do-it-yourself artificial intelligence reference kits for developers.

raspberry pi

Google has recently launched an AIY Project, which includes a number of do-it-yourself artificial intelligence reference kits for developers and it helps the Raspberry Pi powered devices to incorporate Google Assistant.

According to the tech-giant along with everything that the Google Assistant already does, this new Project will allow the developers to integrate their own pair of question and answers into the system. Teaming up with the Raspberry Pi foundation, Google has created a new hardware add-on for Raspberry Pi called the Voice Kit.

As per InfoWorld, the Voice Kit has been designed and tested with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Just like Google Cardboard, Voice Kit comes with a neat cardboard case. Developers, who are interested can also run Android Things on the Voice Kit and turn it into a functional prototype to build their own commercial IoT products.

So, the main point is that now, developers will be able to use the Google deep learning technology in their own home-projects and the possibilities are enormous.

This kit was a first of its kind that Google developed, but the company has said that they are already working on several more kits such as this one and if that actually happens, it will not be anything less than an IoT revolution.

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