Google Bans These Popular Android Apps From Play Store for Violating Policies

Apart from malware issues, there were several other problems that Google considered before removing these app from the Play Store.

Google's Play Store is filled with over two million awesome, good, and some not-so-good applications. Some of these popular Android apps have been removed by the company for violating Google's policies.

Google Play Protect, backed by the strength of machine learning algorithms, plays a major role to keep Android users safe from malware-infested apps. As of now hundreds of apps have been deleted by Google due to such security concerns. But there are some other issues that could lead to the removal of apps, such as:

Despite the unavailability of an app in the Play Store that was removed for violating the policies, an Android user can easily download the same app from a third-party marketplace.

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Popular android apps not available on Play Store Wikimedia Commons

Here is the list of very popular apps that are banned from the Play Store.

  1. XTunes: This app is considered one of the best when it comes to downloading songs. But it has been in violation of the play store, which ended up in the banning from Google play store.
  2. PlayUp: It has been the best betting app in Australia. But due to Google's strict guidelines, betting and casino apps are not available on the Play Store. However, it is available on the PlayUPmobile website for free.
  3. Popcorn Times: This app is popular for movie streaming and downloading programs. It is a torrent-free service that gives a user access to all the latest released and unreleased movies, as well as TV shows. Since it violates numerous copyright laws, it is not on the Play Store.
  4. ShowBox: It is a media streaming application that can be used to stream videos, movies, and TV shows. But some of the reputable security websites have listed it as one of the malicious applications and Google has removed it from the Play Store.
  5. AdAway: Google removed this ad blocking app in 2013. Even though this app helps to get rid of the in-app ads on your Android device, to do so it needs root access to the Android device. Reports said that some apps may not world with the app-enabled.
  6. Tubemate: It allows users to download mp4 and mp3 files from YouTube videos. But it violates YouTube's terms of services and because of that Play Store added the app to the banned list.
  7. Lucky Patcher: It also works like AdAway. Lucky Patcher is a patching tool that can be harmful to other app developers and the Play Store doesn't support that kind of apps.
  8. Sarahah: It was built by a Saudi Arabian social networking service. This app allows users to receive honest and constructive feedback from people. It was dropped from Play Store after bullying accusations.