Good Casting episode 6 recap; episode 7 spoilers and live stream details

The shocking cliffhanger of episode 6 has left Good Casting viewers wondering what happened to Baek Chan Mi, Im Ye Eun, Hwang Mi Soon and Pi Cheol Woong.

Good Casting episode 7 will air on SBS next Monday, May 18, at 9.40 pm KST and it will reveal how Baek Chan Mi, Im Ye Eun, Hwang Mi Soon and Pi Cheol Woong managed to escape from the building seconds before the blast. The episode will also reveal if there are any casualties in the special mission.

Dong Gwan Soo was quite happy with the team work in episode 6 and was very confident of succeeding in the secret mission of capturing illegal international traders. Though he did not want to include any outsider in the mission, he had to ask for backup from Seo Kook Hwan to ensure the safety of his team members.

Chan Mi knew that they are going to take a big risk and she just wanted to include Mi Soon with her for the mission. But Ye Eun also wanted to be a part of the mission and tried hard to convince Chan Mi. Her words reminded Chan Mi of her late teammate Kwon Min Seok. He was also determined like her and wanted to be a part of any risky mission.

An unexpected challenge awaited NIS secret agents

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Stills of Good Casting episode 6. SBS

After putting in a lot of effort, Ye Eun finally got the permission to join the team with Mi Soon. They followed Cheol Woong as he went inside an empty building to settle a deal with illegal traders. When the team got the green signal from Gwan Soo to move forward, they went inside the empty building to find out Cheol Woong being tied in a chair with two explosives attached to his body.

Chan Mi and team had to surrender in front of the illegal traders to save Cheol Woong. Gwan Soo also ordered the backup team to stay still until the illegal traders cleared the place. While most of the men left the place, one person stayed back and he had a tattoo on his arm with a capital letter M. Chan Mi assumed him to be wanted criminal Michael Lee and she had a fight with him inside the building.

In the meantime, Ye Eun and Mi Soon tried to defuse the bomb with the help of a bomb squad. Though they managed to defuse a bomb that was attached to Cheol Woong's body, they found another active explosive on his body. When viewers last saw Chan Mi and team, they were inside the building and just five seconds were left for the bomb to explode.

Good Casting episode 7 spoilers and live stream details

SBS is yet to release the promo video for Good Casting episode 7, but it is safe to assume that Chan Mi and team could have got out of the building before the explosion. If there are any casualties, viewers will get to know about it next week. Until then, catch up with the first six episodes of the comedy thriller online here.