Good Casting episode 5 recap; episode 6 spoilers and live stream details

Michael Lee slipped out of Baek Chan Mi's hands again in Good Casting episode 5 and she will come up with a new plan to trap him in episode 6

Good Casting will be back with a new episode on SBS tonight, May 12, at 9.40 pm KST. Episode 6 will continue to focus on Baek Chan Mi and her team's trip to Taipei with Kang Woo Won, Tak Sang Gi and Pi Cheol Woong. The episode may also feature CEO Yoon Seok Ho's involvement in the secret mission.

The NIS secret agents decided to go on a trip to Taipei after they traced the whereabouts of Woo Won's former assistant Cheol Woong. They just wanted to track his moves and find all the people involved in illegal international trade. But they never knew that Sang Gi aka Michael Lee is following them to Taipei.

An unexpected guest awaits NIS agents in the flight

Good Casting episode 5

Im Ye Eun was the first secret agent to see Sang Gi inside the Taipei airlines. Though she tried to alert her teammates, her talkback system was not working properly. Sang Gi had changed the signals with the help of NIS officer Seo Kook Hwan. So, Ye Eun had to fix the talkback system to communicate with her teammates.

As soon as Ye Eun found the error and fixed it, she informed Chan Mi and others about the presence of Sang Gi in the airlines. The team quickly got ready to deal with the culprits and gather evidence against them. Chan Mi and Hwang Mi Soon followed Sang Gi while Dong Gwan Soo set a trap for Cheol Woong.

After a showdown in the restroom, Chan Mi gave up on Sang Gi and decided to focus on Cheol Woong. She was badly injured when Good Casting went off-air with episode 5 on Monday, May 11. It remains to be seen how the secret agents will stop the illegal international trade in Taipei.

Good Casting episode 6 spoilers and live stream details

The upcoming episode of this comedy thriller will feature the NIS secret agents in Taipei, following Cheol Woong and Sang Gi. The promo shows them trying to gather all the details about the illegal trade from Cheol Woong. The short clip also shows CEO Seok Ho getting ready to investigate the illegal trade all by himself.

The secret agents may get the shock of their lives after seeing Seok Ho in the crime scene. To know more about this illegal trade, the followers of this SBS drama will have to watch the show tonight at 9.40 pm KST. All the latest episodes of this mini-series will also be available on the official website of SBS. But the non-Korean speaking population will have to watch the television drama with subtitles on various streaming sites.