Goo Hara's brother reveals secrets about the singer's mother

Goo Hara's brother Ho In speaks in detail about the time when their mother abandoned them and the ordeal they went through

The news of Goo Hara's mother claiming 50 percent of her daughter's wealth, despite the fact that she abandoned her when she was just nine, shocked the singer's fans and family. Now, Hara's brother Goo Ho In reveals secrets about their mother and the hardships the family underwent after their mother left them.

Goo Ho In spoke to SBS FunE and explained the ordeal the family went through after their mother's abandonment. He said, that Goo Hara who is two years younger to him was nine years old and was studying in the second grade when their mother completely cut off contact with them.

Goo Hara's family was not doing well financially

Goo Hara

The family was not doing well financially and the father started working on construction sites and had to be away from home as he had to support the family and meet the expenses of the children. Goo Hara and Goo Ho In grew up with their grandmother and aunt. So, all Goo Hara had as a close family was her brother Ho In and both were quite close to each other.

Goo Hara died on November 24, 2019

He also said that their mother gave up the children's custody and parental rights in 2006. The person who did not even contact their children once she left, suddenly appeared during the funeral and demanded that she be the chief mourner. But the family refused to allow her to do so.

She was trying to film the situation secretly with her phone when the family stopped her from creating a scene at the funeral. The family then took the phone and found a video recording of the family telling her to go away. The video was then deleted.

Goo Hara died on November 24, 2019, and police ascertained that it was suicide after they found a death note. Two days after her funeral, the mother contacted Ho In and said she wanted to talk to him. When they met, the mother spoke about Hara's real estate and said that she had appointed lawyers to get her share of inheritance in Hara's assets.

Goo Hara was being treated for depression

Speaking of the day their mother left, he said that as soon as she went away, their father suddenly fell ill and was taken to hospital in an ambulance. Hara was sad about the total situation and in one of her diary entries written in 2016, Hara writes how much she misses her mother and how badly hurt she is.

Reports also claim that when Goo Hara was being treated for depression in 2017, the counsellor had advised her to meet up with her mother as she missed her a lot. The family then contacted the mother and arranged for a meeting of mother and daughter. When at last Hara met her mother after 10 years, she looked emotionless and was quiet all throughout the meeting, told Ho In.

Hara got upset after seeing her mother

He also recounted a situation when their father was away on work and he was not old enough to sign as Goo Hara's guardian as she was a minor. Not knowing any other option, Ho In had contacted their mother. When Hara woke up she was angry with Ho In for contacting the mother and asked why did he bring her here. Hara felt awkward being with her mother, he said. "I can't stand her when she tells I am Hara's mother after not being there for her when she was alive," said Ho.

The Civil Act states that the right of inheritance lies with father and mother even if they did not raise them personally. But the father has given the complete rights of inheritance to Ho In as he was the one who was with Hara throughout. The father even apologized for not being with them personally as he was always working and did not play the role of a parent properly. Go Ho In's legal representatives have said that they have requested a trial in the case. This is not only a matter of justice but also a secondary source of pain for the family left behind.