Gong Yoo tears up talking about Goblin co-star Lee Dong Wook at fan meet

The actors recreate key scenes from tvN drama 'Goblin to entertain fans.

Lee Dong-wook & Gong Yoo
Actors Lee Dong-wook and Gong Yoo in a scene from episode 10 of 'Goblin.' youtube.com/tvN DRAMA

The last broadcast of a Goblin episode was on February 4 and yet the frenzy surrounding the drama refuses to fade away. The highly acclaimed drama wouldn't have reached these heights had it not been for the evocative performances of its lead cast members, Gong Yoo and Lee Dong-wook.

Much to their fans delight, the two actors shared stage together recently at a fan meet.

Actor Lee Dong-wook, who played the memorable role of the Grim Reaper in tvN drama, began his 2017 Asia tour fan meets on March 12, in Seoul, called "2017 Lee Dong Wook Asia Tour in Seoul 4 My Dear." As a pleasant surprise for the fans gathered, Dong-wook invited Gong Yoo as his special guest for the evening, reports Soompi. Fans were no doubt ecstatic at seeing the two together once again, following the end of the TV series on January 21.

Lee Dong-wook appeared a warm host when he held his guest's hand to lead him to the spot where they were supposed to sit for the duration of the fan meet. Fans reportedly had a blast as the actors entered the stage as dark silhouetted figures, recreating that iconic scene from Goblin when Kim Shin and the Grim reaper emerge from the darkness of the tunnel together, in episode 10.

Soompi also notes, the two actors entertained their fans by making witty remarks and performing their ad-libs from the fantasy drama. They also made poems from each other's names and played the "I see" game where they asked each other candid questions.

Adding on, when Gong Yoo was asked "What does Lee Dong Wook mean for Gong Yoo?" he responded by saying: "a grateful savior in my acting life."

Gong Yoo also became emotional and his eyes were moist while talking about his co-star. This shows that the chemistry behind the bromance in Goblin was real, and they do admire each other a lot in real life as well.

Lee Dong-wook himself complimented the Train to Busan star in his own unique manner; complementing his good looks, saying: "It's like looking at a coffee commercial."

To this, Gong Yoo replied: "Lee Dong Wook is just so handsome. While I'm just plain," adding, "I've never met an actor who can work off my ad-libs as well as Lee Dong Wook can."

Very few actors actually watch their own performances in movies and television. Gong Yoo isn't one of them. The Blue Dragon Award winner said: "I'm actually re-watching the series now that we're done filming it. I've watched up to episode six."

One wonders whether Dong-wook, Kim Go-eun and Yoo In-na have also been revisiting the drama like Gong yoo. We did learn, a few days ago, that Kim Go-eun shared a striking similarity with her 'Goblin' character.

In the same fan meet, Lee Dong-wook was also asked the ideal qualities that he seeks in his future partner, as noted in another Soompi article. He replied: "Everyone who is here can fit the qualities. My ideal type is a woman who eats well, who is wise, and who can have a good conversation with me."

Recently, singer Young-ji hinted that Lee Dong-wook may have politely turned down her offer of marriage to the actor, citing age difference. Perhaps, she isn't his ideal type.

He added: "If I'm talking about the ABCs and she's over there talking about 1234, then the conversation doesn't flow well." He then jokingly emphasized: "And a woman who's pretty," making the audience laugh. The 'My Girl' actor also expressed his gratitude to fans for the support and love he received for 'Goblin.'

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This article was first published on March 13, 2017