Young-ji confesses she wants to marry Goblin actor Lee Dong-wook

Kara singer says she finds him 'quite handsome.'

Youngji & Lee Dong-wook
Singer Heo Young-ji and actor Lee Dong-wook., leedongwook_official

Lee Dong-wook has become the most sought actor in Asia, thanks to his intense performance in tvN's supernatural romance drama 'Goblin: The Lonely and Great God.' His smouldering personality and his ability to communicate with his eyes earned him numerous fans, especially female ones.

For a certain amount of time his popularity even eclipsed that of movie star Gong Yoo who was the lead character in the drama. Now singer Heo Young-ji has confessed she loves the actor and wants to marry him. Singer Heo Young-ji appeared for filming an episode of 'Happy Together 3' and confessed of her admiration and love for 'Goblin' actor Lee Dong-wook.

"I would marry Lee Dong Wook," she said after watching tvN drama 'Goblin' as per a report by Allkpop. Those in the studio were reportedly very surprised by her admission. She even went on to add:, "He is quite handsome."

However, Young-ji also added that Dong-wook had gracefully declined her offer and even told her jokingly: "Let's talk again when you're past 25 years old."

The Kara singer is 22-years old, 13 years younger than Dong-wook. The actor's on-screen chemistry with Yoo In-na in 'Goblin' had become the hottest element in the highly successful drama for a number of episodes and had shadowed the chemistry of lead actors Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun.

Anyway, Young-ji and Lee Dong-wook are good friends from their time spent as co-stars in reality show 'Roommate.' As reported by Allkpop, in a broadcast of SBS powerFM's 'Kim Chang Ryul's Old School,' on September 13, last year, she revealed how she learned acting from the 'Goblin' star while appearing in 'Oh Hae Young Again!'

She said: "From the first episode to the last episode, Lee Dong Wook was my teacher. In extreme detail, I was tutored one-on-one. He did that for me without getting anything in return."

It may be noted here that Heo Young-ji, who is a member of the South Korean pop girl group Kara, was previously linked with GOT7's Jackson but there was never any confirmation. Young-ji was also the recipient of a drunken proposal from actor Huh Jung-min that happened at a staff dinner, as reported by Soompi.

"During the staff dinner, [Huh Jung Min] oppa after drinking alcohol got up in front of everyone and confessed that he likes me," Heo Young-Ji said back in September, last year.

"He told me, 'I've got money that I've saved up,' and things like that," she added. She declined the offer of course.

This article was first published on March 1, 2017