Goblin star Kim Go Eun shares this striking similarity with her character Ji Eun Tak!

Kim Go-eun's school photos show a remarkable similarity with her 'Goblin' character.

Kim Go-eun
Actor Kim Go-eun in a scene from episode 7 of tvN's 'Goblin.' youtube.com/tvN DRAMA

It has been learned recently that there is at least one common attribute that Kim Go-eun shares with her 'Goblin' character Ji Eun-tak. A few photos have appeared online of Kim Go-eun in her school dress that closely resembles the school uniform she wore in the tvN fantasy drama starring Gong Yoo.

Website Koreaboo has provided some photos that have been circulating online showing a much younger Kim Go-eun in her Kaywon Arts High School uniform. In the photos, the 'Goblin' actor looks shockingly similar to the Goblin's bride in her school dress. The photo below was shared on an Instagram fan page of the actor.

Koreaboo notes that the outfit in the photos, that can be seen here, isn't just similar, it is almost identical to her TV costume. The red and white dotted bow tie is the exact same design as the one which actor Kim Go-eun sported in 'Goblin' as a school-going teenager. The similarities don't stop there. The jacket she is seen wearing to her school, as part of her school uniform, is again identical in style and build, right down to the navy blue colour. Look at this scene from episode 7 of 'Goblin' where Ji Eun-tak is in her school uniform.

Website IndoKpop had pointed out that even Kim Go-eun also sports the same shoulder-length hairstyle as her fictional counterpart in 'Goblin: The Lonely and Great God' is seen sporting. Indeed the similarity between reel-life and real-life is uncanny at the very least. Kim Go-eun's photos make her look like a real-life Goblin's bride.

Of course, it is very much possible that while creating the look of Ji Eun-tak's character for 'Goblin,' Kim Go-eun shared some of these photos with the producers and costume designers and they decided to accept it. Writer Kim Eun-sook was probably involved as well. This shows the amount of care taken by the makers of the drama, towards details and realism. After all 'Goblin' has a lot of fantasy elements that needed grounding in reality.

Taking cue from real-life always helps and these photos prove it. Another obvious similarity is of course the personality of Kim Go-eun and Ji Eun-tak. Both are fun loving, jovial and sprightly beings, overflowing with innocence and beauty, reflecting the positivity of their souls. So, it may be safe to assume that Ji Eun-tak's character was, at least in part, influenced and inspired by the beautiful Kim Go-eun herself.

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This article was first published on March 11, 2017