Gong Yoo reveals why he doesn't have social media accounts: Misses Goblin cast a lot

Gong Yoo says he has no love for selfies.

Gong Yoo
No Instagram or Facebook for Gong Yoo. facebook.com/Goblin.official

Gong Yoo is one of the most popular Hallyu actors working today who has fans all over Asia and also in Europe and elsewhere. It is strange for such a public figure then, to not have any presence in social media. The actor has never had an official social media account.

Website Soompi notes that on April 28, Gong Yoo was attending a press conference in Taiwan before a scheduled fan meet there. A fan had asked him, "Why don't you use social media?" To this question, Gong Yoo replied, "First off, I don't like taking selfies. When I go somewhere, I'd rather be looking at the sights with my eyes rather than take pictures."

His reply comes off as a perfect analysis of the selfie-trend that has taken over the social media, where people feel the need to show their faces to the world.

Gong Yoo added, "Part of the reason why I don't use social media is that because it's to show people, some parts of it will not be genuine. It makes me uncomfortable to show things in a packaged way like that." It has become the need for social media users today to feel validated of their existence by other social media users. The world has shrunk at their fingertips indeed.

Gong Yoo's words reveal a rare intelligence and introspection in today's world where flashy and superficial qualities are increasingly given preference. However, the actor realises that he cannot speak for everyone: "Everyone will have a different opinion on this. This isn't about good or bad. These are just my personal feelings."

However, social media is very useful when utilized in the right way, such as raising awareness about a cause, gathering funds for rescue missions and promoting one's creative potential. 'Goblin' actor Kim Go-eun recently posted a beautiful self-portrait on her Instagram profile, which reveals that she is as much a good sketch-artist, as an actor.

Not having a social media account however, he does miss his 'Goblin' friends. Speaking in the same press conference, Gong Yoo said, "Though all of us haven't been able to stay in touch because we're all so busy, I miss everyone." But one person he misses particularly is co-star Lee Dong-wook.

"When we were in the army together, I thought he was such a cool guy. Working with him on 'Goblin' made me realize he's an even better person than I thought," Gong Yoo gushed.

Gong Yoo added that the reason why 'Goblin' turned out to be such a memorable production is because everyone in the team had respect for each other. He talked about Lee Dong-wook again saying, "Lee Dong Wook was especially considerate towards me. Because he's been acting for so long, there was a sense of ease when acting alongside him."

The 'Train to Busan' actor seems truly fond of his friend. He appeared as a surprise guest in Lee Dong-wook's 2017 Asia Tour 'For My Dear,' in Seoul. In that fan meet, Gong Yoo called Lee Dong-wook a saviour in his acting life and even became a bit teary-eyed, reminiscing their good times on 'Goblin.' Hopefully, their friendship and bromance will remain just as strong in the future.

This article was first published on April 29, 2017