Kim Go-eun poses with her hand-drawn portrait and it's beautiful!

The portrait seems to be drawn by the actress herself.

Kim Go-eun
Actress Kim Go-eun.

Everybody knows that Kim Go-eun is a good actor, as evident from her powerful performance in 'Goblin: The Lonely and Great God.' However, little did anyone know that she was also a good sketch-artist. Kim Go-eun recently uploaded a photo which revealed a hand-drawn portrait of her and it's beautiful.

Website Koreaboo pointed out a recent selfie that actress Kim Go-eun uploaded on her Instagram profile, posing with a hand-drawn portrait of herself. Though she did not confirm whether it was drawn by her, it's a natural conclusion, as the portrait does not contain other signatures. This just goes on to show that Kim Go-eun is a multi-talented individual who is not just a dedicated actor, but also a good sketch artist.

Looking at the sketch itself, it reveals all the subtleties and attention to detail and beauty that a professional or passionate painter's work is expected to exhibit. Even though the face of the portrait does not look exactly like the 'Goblin' actress, the portrait feels like it is a character of its own; living almost.

Kim Go-eun was attending a recent event with Lancôme, a French luxury perfumes and cosmetics house that distributes products in various countries. She was seen wearing designer clothing with floral designs and a set of matching prominent ear-rings. She looked quite different from her simple getup in 'Goblin,' however, she did exude the always familiar charm, that of a humble and dignified artist. It is here that she posed with the hand-drawn portrait of herself.

One of her past selfies was not met with much welcome where she had opted to go totally make-up free. Netizens who had nothing better to do took to criticising her natural face and called her ugly; betraying their own insecurities in the process. Kim Go-eun had a fitting reply to them and suggested that beauty is internal and one must not obsess about the physical exterior.

It is one's personality that should be beautiful and people should not try and satisfy others' notions of beauty but be confident about themselves. She also added that it is far more important to have a "healthy mind and heart" than a beautiful face.

This article was first published on April 23, 2017