Are the nudes of Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, which were posted on Twitter fake?

The original post has been taken down from Twitter, but it remains unclear as to who created and posted the fake pictures

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry currently recovering from his broken left-hand injury, was trending all over social media after a set of his alleged nude photographs were leaked online.

However, Curry's agent has said that the photographs are fake and the man posing in the nudes are certainly not Curry.

What is the controversy about?

Stephen Curry
Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday (December 20, 2019), a set of photographs was posted on Twitter showing a man resembling Curry posing nude for the camera. In one of the photographs the man poses wearing just a towel around his waist, while the others include complete naked shots with the face covered.

In yet another photograph, the subject is shown posing naked with a pair of Washington Redskins boxers dropped near his ankles. Even as the original post has been taken down from Twitter, it remains unclear as to who created and posted the fake pictures. The Warriors have not commented on the controversy yet.

Prior to his injury, Curry played in four games and averaged 20.3 points, 6.5 assists and 5.0 rebounds. He has been given a three-month recovery timetable.

Curry's wife's apprehension

The former NBA MVP, who suffered a broken left hand during an in-game injury against the Phoneix Suns, is married to long-time girlfriend Ayesha Curry.

In June this year, Ayesha expressed her apprehension about Curry's phone being hacked and accessing their private photographs on his phone.

During an interview with E! Ayesha said she sends a lot of her nude pictures to her husband in order to keep their marriage exciting, especially when he is away for matches.

Fearing that his phone might get hacked and pictures leaked, she said: "He won't delete them off of his phone, he's not that secure with his phone, so it's actually one of the scariest things in my life." The couple, who met as a teenager before they finally tied the knot in 2011, have three children Riley (6), Ryan (3) and Canon (1).

Stephen Curry trending on social media

It was soon after the leaks that netizens sprang into action. "Sees Steph Curry trending: Maybe he's ahead of schedule on his rehab!" wrote one Twitter user.

"Oh, this is cool. Steph Curry is trending! I guess he's back from his surgery and is feeling b--," wrote another.

"First Asap Rocky sex tape, now Steph Curry's nudes? All in the span of 24 hours?? That is e-NOUGH," tweeted one person.

"Ummm...steph curry is ride or die for Carolina Panthers. He would never be near no redskins paraphernalia. Sooo....," said another.