Not Kylie Jenner, Kyle Kuzma dating rumours surface, as Lizzo twerks her way through Lakers game

Sources claim that Kyle Kuzma was spotted along with the NBA player at a restaurant in LA on Saturday

Gossip mill once again is at work as rumors have surfaced that NBA star Kyle Kuzma maybe dating Grammy nominated singer Lizzo. The word on the rumor street is that Kuzma and Lizzo recently were spotted together and soon after that Lizzo got a front seat to the Lakers game on Sunday.


Lizzo's presence itself at the Sunday's game between Los Angeles Lakers vs Minnesota Timberwolves stirred quite some looks thanks to her "what she was wearing." She turned several heads at the Sunday game where the Grammy-nominated singer wore an oversized black t-shirt with a deep rip in the back that exposed her thongs.

Lizzo, who was seen having a good time, left everyone speechless when her song "Juice" came up. As the cheerleaders danced to the beat, the jumbotron turned to show Lizzo dancing and just then she turned twerked. Her stunt since then has become a point of debate on social media, where some fat shaming, while some are congratulating her for being confident about her body.

According to sources, it is claimed that Kuzma and Lizzo were seen together at a LA hotel on Saturday, and next day Lizzo had a front row seat for the Lakers vs Timberwolves game.

The 24-year-old NBA star, who this season has spent most of his time on the bench then in the court earlier was connected with Kyle Jenner. There were rumours that two, who were spotted together on a yacht, may have hit it off. Kuzma spent the 4th of July holiday on a fun trip with Kylie Jenner but then reports claimed that the 'two were mere friends who were hanging out together having fun along with other friends.'

This article was first published on December 10, 2019