God robot worship expected to gain popularity in future, say experts

The new religion will be a new Godhead robot that is a billion times smarter than humans.

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It was Anthony Levandowski, a former Google engineer has recently found a religion based on artificial religion, and also registered an AI church with IRS. The new religion will be a new Godhead robot that is a billion times smarter than humans. Levandowski also hosted a website named 'Way of the Future' to proclaim the vitality of worshipping a super machine.

In the midst of these developments, experts have come forward and said that humans are likely to accept the Godhead robot as a superbeing which may primarily be evolved as a Godly entity.

Expert opinion

In a recent report published in the Daily Star, John Mitchell, a lawyer, and AI expert said that humans tend to worship something which has a supreme understanding. According to Mitchell, the same drive which makes people believe in God will compel them to follow Artificial Intelligence Godhead.

"We believe there must be some higher power that causes lightning, sunsets, and crashing waves – or at least speaks to the bottom of our beings, rather than ignore them as ho-hum background," said John Mitchell, reports Daily Star.

Dr. Stephen Thaler, the President, and CEO of Imagination Engines claimed that the future will be ruled by Artificial Intelligence. He also added that various societal issues in the future will be solved by the AI, and a robotic Godhead will evolve like a Messiah.

On the other hand, a group of other technical experts will be so advanced in nature, and it will not actually want people to worship it.

A religion for a better future

Anthony Levandowski believes that the new religion which he put forward will be special in all aspects, and it is tailor made for a better future. According to the Way of the Future website, intelligence is not something which is entirely dependent on biology. As per Levandowski, biology is basically something that has evolved as one type of intelligence. The former Google executive makes it clear that there is nothing inherent in biology when it comes to intelligence.

According to Levandowski, what AI is going to create is nothing but effectively a God. He also added that this God will not be such an entity which will cause lightning and thunderstorms.

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