Self-proclaimed prophet reveals startling details on alien existence, government cover up

Marshall Vian Summers says many alien civilizations are continuously monitoring Earth and they are planning to rob our valuable natural resources.


Marshall Vian Summers, the self-proclaimed prophet who lives in Colorado is now the thinktank behind The New Message From God (TNMFG) movement. The movement aims to speak on behalf of the God to people of all religions. Now, Summers has made some startling claims regarding aliens and extra-terrestrial civilization.

Alien civilizations may hunt us

According to Summers, many alien civilizations are continuously monitoring Earth, and they are planning to rob our valuable natural resources. Summers also claimed that most of the UFO sightings are actually authentic, and during these visits, aliens are abducting people for experiments. The self-styled prophet added that some of the aliens have met our world leaders. Marshall Van Summers also talked about a group of aliens who are keen to visit our planet in the near future. As per Summers, the alien visit may sometimes trigger mass devastation on this planet.

Summers claim that he is revealing all these information which God asked him to reveal in front of the general public. In his new book named 'The Greater Community: Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe', Summers makes it clear that the human history is now entering a new phase and evolution is happening in the Universe.

Summers aims to take his theories worldwide

Summers who aims to publish his new book in various foreign languages has obtained more than $11,000 with the help of a Kickstarter fundraiser.

"The Greater Community is much more than another book speculating and theorizing about the UFO phenomenon and its implications. This is a new revelation on the nature and intentions of those visiting our world and how these visitors are connected to converging forces of political, social and environmental change now reshaping our world," states his Kickstarter page.

On the other hand, the predictions of Summers have not gone well with many people, as they believe that he is doing this just to attain public fame and money. According to them, people like Summers come and go all the time, but the Earth will remain intact.

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