Goblin: This YG idol is mad for Gong Yoo and wants to be his 'Goblin bride'

Says she tried to summon Kim Shin by blowing out a candle.

Gong Yoo
Actor Gong Yoo in 'Goblin.' youtube.com/tvN DRAMA

With only four episodes to go, highly popular South Korean television drama 'Goblin: The Lonely and Great God' is nearing the end of its spectacular run. And it's a time for sadness as well as excitement as new revelations and threats emerge in the Goblin's tale. However, one can never forget that 'Goblin' primarily rests on the able shoulders of its star Gong Yoo. One particular fan who is an idol no less, wants to be the Goblin's bride.

Koreaboo reports that Lee Su-hyun of the YG Entertainment duo Akdong Musician has said she is a huge fan of Gong Yoo and his character from the tvN drama 'Goblin.' Speaking to Star News, as mentioned by Koreaboo, Su-hyun reportedly stated that she likes Gong Yoo's character, Kim Shin in the drama, a lot.

More interestingly, Su-hyun mentioned that she had in the past, lit a candle in her room and blew it out, hoping that the Goblin would actually appear right before her. She was re-creating the exact method of how Eun-tak summons Kim Shin in a similar fashion, in the tvN drama. It feels a bit strange knowing a celebrity in her own right gushing like a passionate fangirl over another celebrity. However, seeing that Gong Yoo is often called the ladykiller, it's not really a bug surprise.

In 2013, Gong Yoo appeared as a guest in SBS's popular variety show 'Running Man,' in episode 175. Upon his arrival, Running Man announced that Gong Yoo was guilty, for setting the hearts of women, ages 10 to 50 on fire. That is the kind of appeal the 'Train to Busan' actor has in Asia and elsewhere.

The singer who released the number one single "I'm Different" with Lee Hi of Hi Suhyun duo, also said that she found the love-at-first-sight type of romance in the K-drama, very appealing. Even though the romance between a 939-year old immortal goblin and his fated bride Eun-tak, who is just a high school student has been accused of paedophilia by some viewers, 'Goblin' is undeniably beautiful. In every department, whether it is direction, cinematography, music and acting, the drama shines.

In episode 11, Sunny discovered that Kim Woo Bin is none other than the Grim Reaper, portrayed by actor Lee Dong-wook. In episode 12 which aired on January 7, Sunny, played by Yoo In-na finally learned about her past life as queen Kim Sun, thanks to a kiss from the Reaper, who himself was the ancient Goryeo king Wang Yeo. When Kim Shin, filled with rage bottled up for centuries, grabs the Reaper by his throat, it was painful to watch, knowing Wang Yeo was only a misguided young king.

We also feel the immense pain and betrayal Kim Shin must have felt as a general when the boy king he sworn to protect, ordered the death of his soldier, his baby sister and his own. The anger and rage doubles on learning that his friend, the Reaper is that same king from a lost time.

Episode 13 of 'Goblin' airs this January 13.

This article was first published on January 10, 2017