Goblin episode 11 review: A familiar evil face shows up

Things are about to get darker.

Actor Kim Byung-chul in 'Goblin' episode 11. youtube.com/tvN DRAMA

Episode 11 of Goblin: The Lonely and Great God aired the night before and things are already looking more grim and less sunny for the future episodes. Not only does Sunny realise who the Reaper is, more importantly, an ancient evil entity has returned to make the lives of Kim Shin and his friends miserable once again.

In episode 10, the Reaper discovered by touching Sunny's hand that she is a reincarnated form of an ancient queen, aka the Goblin's sister in that life. Gong Yoo's Goblin wasn't convinced initially but upon being narrated by a montage of the things the Reaper saw as he peered into Sunny's past, Kim Shin realised that Sunny had to be his long lost baby sister. He decided to accompany the Reaper to meet her.

Upon seeing Sunny, Kim Shin, unable to contain his brotherly emotions, runs forward and tightly hugs a visibly shocked Sunny, refusing to let go. It's a reunion of siblings centuries due, only Sunny does not feel that way. Annoyed and alarmed, she asks the reaper to quit standing like a rock and pull Kim Shin away from her. He does so compliantly.

Kim Shin tells her their story of how she was a queen of Goryeo once and he was her elder brother and asks if she remembers anything. Sunny replies that the only thing she remembers is that he has yet to pay her 5,000 Won for those sweet potatoes. As expected, she pushes both the boys out of her store when Ji Eun-Tak comes in to work.

Kim Shin still acts immaturely, trying to grab his baby sister again, while Eun-tak is confused and tries to restrain him. Eun-tak wonders if Sunny was Kim Shin's girlfriend, but reaper answers in the negative. However, Shin can't rest until he has convinced Sunny that she is his sister. He goes to her chicken shop everyday, giving her gifts similar to those that Kim Sun used to love, hoping to trigger Sunny's memory from a bygone era. She remains unconvinced.

Meanwhile, Sunny decides to go have a talk with Kim Shin about what he said to her earlier. Eun-tak and the Reaper leave the two siblings alone and the Goblin shows her his sister's portrait and tells her their story. In the backstory, we see how evil the desires of the eunuch Park Joong-won are as he manipulates the young king into killing his wife, Kim Sun as well as her brother Kim Shin and his soldiers, by feeding on king Wang Yeo's insecurities.

Sunny feels a sharp pain in her chest after hearing the tale, around the same spot where Kim Sun was pierced by her husband's arrow. The pain lingers and she falls sick, briefly, while Eun-tak tends to her.

Things start to get more interesting from Eun-tak's graduation day. Samshin's new avatar, wearing bright red shirt, trousers and red heels, marches into the room and gives a hug to a dumbstruck Eun-tak. It doesn't take her long to realize it is the same entity she called grandma, back when she was young. She rebukes the teacher who has been misbehaving with Eun-tak and then leaves. Time will tell if her meeting Eun-tak has a deeper significance.

As for the Lee Dong-wook's Reaper, he wears his invisibility hat and enters Sunny's shop, pondering over her and the jade ring, when suddenly Sunny returns to retrieve her cell phone. She can't see him. She is trying to make imaginary calculations about someone's height, possibly the Reaper's and suddenly, without warning she swipes a cherry tree branch she was holding, right over his head, knocking his hat to the ground. Now she can see him, for who he really is, the Grim Reaper, as he tells her.

Danger arrives in the form of two ghost friends of Eun-tak, one of whom has a score to settle with her ex-husband who murdered her. Eun-tak doesn't know this and goes to talk with the man, who has been using the money of his dead wife's life insurance to buy gifts for his mistress. Upon being confronted, the man tries to push Eun-tak off the building too, however, she summons Kim Shin and he slashes his back with the Goblin sword then forcing her to confess his crime to the police.

We also learn that there's another missing soul who the Reaper was supposed to pick-up, apart from Eun-tak and he is revealed to be none other than a ghostly Park Joong-won, the eunuch responsible for all evil that befell the central characters. It is the final scene of the episode and we see the man enter Sunny's chicken shop, where she is cleaning the floor. The eunuch walks in slow motion, head hung low - typical evil entrance and stands before Eun-tak. When he lifts his head, he looks more evil than his jealous power-hungry ancient human self.

The undead form of Joong-won twitches his bones and muscles, which must surely be decaying. He flicks his tongue which is a ghastly dark violet colour like his lips; the colour of oxygen-deprived flesh. He then says to a mortally terrified Eun-tak: "It's nice to meet you. So you're the goblin's bride."

The cliffhanger was terrific and definitely leaves viewers on the edge of their seats. Will Eun-tak summon her Goblin, or will Joong-won harm her first? During the end credits, episode 12 is teased and we do see Kim Shin confronting a terrified Joong-won. Obviously the decayed eunuch is no match for the great god that is the Goblin. It will be interesting to see how this new equation plays out in the following episodes.

This article was first published on January 8, 2017