Lee Je-hoon's new drama 'Tomorrow, With You' deals with dangers of time travel; trailer revealed

Lee Je-hoon's character's death prophesied in trailer.

Tomorrow With You
Actor Lee Je-hoon in tvN's 'Tomorrow, With You.' youtube.com/tvN DRAMA

With the romance-fantasy drama 'Goblin' ending its successful run this January 21, tvN is bringing a fresh science fiction drama to keep its viewers excited, called 'Tomorrow, With You.' A teaser for the time-travel based telly-drama was recently released on tvN's youtube channel.

In the trailer, we hear actor Lee Je-hoon, as Yoo So-joon, say "I'm a time traveller. I take the subway into the future." His girlfriend Song Ma-rin, played by Shin Min-a, asks him "A time traveller? Like in a time machine or something?" We are treated to a series of scenes that show Je-hoon hopping on a subway train and looking at the time on his smartphone, which might be a time machine. We see scenes inside the train change rapidly and people disappear as the lead character travels through time.Tim

It all seems like genuine fun until we are told that he will die soon. "March 25, 2019 at 9:15 p.m. That's the time of your death," an unseen character informs him. He is obviously terrified at the prospect of dying so soon. The unseen character adds "If something happens to the future you, then the present you might die too! It's because you changed your future!" Eventually it is revealed that the unseen character is none other than a future timeline version of himself, who warns him not to meddle with time.

We see a car tumble on the road at night and crash, killing the driver inside, which happens to be Yoo So-joon himself. We see him looking at his own body being removed on a stretcher by the police and emergency personnel. This is not a unique scene as we have had many time travel stories in novel form or as a movie where such a thing occurs.

The other Yoo So-joon tells him that changing one's future has grave consequences on the present. "The more you look into your future, more tragedies might unfold!" he tells the less aware version of himself. The teaser ends with the lead character's ominous realisation "I think I may have complicated my future more than it was meant to be."

The premise of the drama, as noted by Dramabeans, seems interesting. Lee Je-Hoon will be playing the role of a wealthy investment CEO who can travel through time using the subway. Interestingly enough, his time travel skills have somehow allowed him to gather enough wealth that he enjoys with his wife. It seems that Yoo So-joon will be leading a carefree flamboyant existence with little regard to consequences, when some devastating event will change their lives forever, especially his conception of time.

'Tomorrow, With You' will air its first episode on February 3, this year.

This article was first published on January 19, 2017