Goblin Grim Reaper Lee Dong Wook has a heartfelt message for his fans

Says they were able to finish the drama on a happy note.

Lee Dong-wook
Actor Lee Dong-wook thanks his fans for their support of 'Goblin.' youtube.com/KINGKONG Entertainment

The final episode of 'Goblin: The Lonely and Great God' aired last Saturday, leaving incredibly heavy hearts and a sense of never-ending loneliness and melancholy and love. Now, actor Lee Dong-wook who played the Grim Reaperin the drama shared a video message thanking his fans for the tremendous support and love 'Goblin' received from fans and viewers.

As noted by Website Soompi, on January 21, Lee Dong-wook's agency, King Kong Entertainment released a video of the actor on their official Youtube channel through Naver Cast, where he talked about his role as the Grim Reaper and King Wang Yeo.

A commenter on Youtube, called leejunkifan1996, posted an English translation of his words from Korean language. In the video, Dong-wook was seen holding a soft fluffy toy version of Grim Reaper in his hands as he said "I'm actor Lee Dong Wook, who played Grim Reaper in the drama 'Goblin."

He proceeded to address the issue of delay in airing episode 14 because it required more special effects. "The drama's genre was fantasy, and it had a lot of CG and action scenes that required so much time to make," he said, adding "There was a good bond among the actors, as well as between the actors and the staff, so we were able to finish happily."

Dong-wook said he had never anticipated that 'Goblin' would be so loved by viewers and sincerely thanked them for their continued support. "When the drama first started, I didn't know it would become this well-received. For giving the drama more love than I expected, I sincerely thank you. We ended 2016 and began 2017 with 'Goblin.' I hope it was a happy, meaningful, and splendid time for you all," he said.

Indeed 'Goblin' was a special drama. In fact, it was one of those rare experiences that have the capacity to affect one deeply. It has the capacity to change one's perspectives on life, love and death. 'Goblin' makes us realize that happiness and sorrow are like two lovers stranded on an island but separated. They long for each other as we progress through life's myriad lanes until the river of time brings us closer to death. Life has a beginning and so it must end. The bittersweet crossroads are where we walk, for a short time. Then, there's nothing wrong with embracing the timeless beyond; the afterlife. For an end only leads to another beginning.

Lee Dong-wook concludes his message saying "This 2017, I hope you all stay healthy and happy. I'll meet you all again with better acting and a fresh image. Please look forward to it. I'll be thankful if you remember 'Goblin' and Grim Reaper for a long, long time."

We recently learned that the cast and crew of 'Goblin' were headed to Phuket, Thailand for a much needed vacation from the hectic filming schedule. They deserve the rest. Thank you Lee Dong-wook and thanks to Gong Yoo, Kim Go-eun and Yoo In-naa. Thanks also to the entire team of 'Goblin.' You gave us moments that we'll cherish, for a long, long time.

Watch the video message here.

This article was first published on January 23, 2017