Goblin episode 14 update: Will the Reaper return Eun-tak's memories?

Grim Reaper might bring some closure to Eun-tak's sorrowful past.

Goblin episode 14
Kim Go-eun and Lee Dong-wook in episode 14 teaser of 'Goblin.' youtube.com/tvN DRAMA

The highly anticipated episode 14 of tvN drama 'Goblin' also known as 'Guardian: The Lonely and Great God' airs tonight. It was initially delayed for polishing the special effects and replaced by a special episode. With only the two-part finale remaining after this, fans are interested to know what happens to Eun-tak following the Goblin's death. More importantly, whether the Grim Reaper gives back her memories of the times spent with Kim Shin.

In the teasers released by tvN, we learn that Ji Eun-tak, played by South Korean actor Kim Go-eun, has spent a decade in the absence of her love, Kim Shin, played by actor Gong Yoo. She has no recollection of Kim Shin because the Goblin made the Grim Reaper promise to wipe away her memories to prevent her from blaming herself for his demise. The Goblin loved his bride deeply and wanted her to move on and have a fresh start in life.

The Goblin knew very early on that the day would come when he'd have to sacrifice himself to protect Eun-tak. This is because as Samshin had told him that the longer he survives, he is putting Eun-tak's life at risk. We had already seen in episode 5 how the Goblin had a premonition of a future when Eun-tak was 29-years old and visiting their favourite Quebec hangout but without Kim Shin beside her. This made his departure all the more tragic and difficult to watch.

Eun-tak's whole life has been one tragedy after another. Losing her mother at an early age, having an aunt who abused her, being hunted by the gatekeeper of death and then losing her only love in life because it was her fate. And now she has to live everyday with a pain in her chest whose source she is not able to understand. In the trailer we hear her desperate plea for help as she says "I've forgotten the face, what kinds of promises did I forget that it hurts so deep inside? Somebody please, somebody please save me."

The Grim Reaper, played memorably by actor Lee Dong-wook, is no doubt being torn inside-out by what transpired. First, he found out that he was the reason behind Kim Shin and Sunny's death in their past lives. Then Kim Shin found out and ended his friendship with the Reaper, badly. The Reaper broke up with Sunny and still looks after her every day with a tormented heart. In addition to this, he also has to live with the knowledge that wiping Eun-tak's memories is causing her tremendous pain that she has been incubating in her heart for the last 10 years. This pain might kill her eventually.

We learned recently that Kim Shin will return in episode 14 to the present time. Actor Gong Yoo was seen in his ancient Goryeo warrior costume, standing outside his sister's chicken shop. In the trailer we see that Sunny does spot him. If Shin returns, there should definitely be a reunion of him with his beloved bride. To spare her from her unending sorrows, perhaps the Grim Reaper will be considerate enough to restore her memories of the Goblin, as speculated by Yibada. If nothing else, this will provide Eun-tak the much needed closure.

The Reaper had also revealed in episode 6 that Eun-tak will meet another reaper at 29 years of age because she is still a missing soul and that people are most at risk at the time just before completion of a decade, or the last number of the base numbers 0 to 9. Eun-tak was at risk at age 9, then 19 and eventually 29. So, Shin is probably coming back to ensure that she survives at age 29 from another Reaper.

Episode 14 of Goblin will be broadcast on January 20 at 8pm KST. Watch the teaser here.

This article was first published on January 20, 2017