Gong Yoo's Goblin cast and crew headed to Thailand; Here's who will be going

Goblin team will head to Phuket on February 6.

Goblin cast
Cast of tvN drama 'Goblin.' facebook.com/Goblin.official

It's going to be a wrap for 'Goblin' cast and crew very soon as they will be travelling to the island of Phuket in Thailand in February for some much needed relaxation by the beaches of the tropical island. All of the principal actors are expected to be going.

Website Soompi states that they have learned from an undisclosed insider source of 'Goblin: The Great and Lonely God' that on February 6, members of the cast and crew will be heading to Phuket. Lead actor Gong Yoo is said to have confirmed via a representative that he'll be a part of the trip to the island in the Andaman Sea.

As for Lee Dong-wook, his agency revealed that they are trying to adjust his schedule so that he can be a part of the vacationing team. It is not known yet whether actors Kim Go-eun or Yo In-na who play the Goblin's bride Eun-tak and his sister Sunny respectively, will be joining others on the vacation as well. But they are expected.

"The actors and production will be leaving on February 6. The entire cast and crew will all do their best to not miss this opportunity to bond with one another, and go on vacation to recharge and relieve themselves," said a representative of the popular K-drama, as quoted by Allkpop.

There were rumours that filming the last few episodes was becoming a bit too hectic for lead actors and that Gong Yoo had fallen sick but those rumours turned out to be untrue. Then, tvN announced that they were pushing back episode 14 which was supposed to air on January 14. A special episode was aired in its place. However the 'Goblin' staff assured fans that the delay was due to handling of special effects and computer graphics in the drama.

The staff revealed that the program director wanted an explosive and spectacle-filled finale for the fans and that the computer graphics has to maintain a standard and look believable. "We don't want the computer graphics to look tacky, so we're focusing entirely on improving the visuals so that it can live up to the name of being a fantasy drama," a staff member of the show had revealed.

Following the special episode 'All Days Were Good,' episode 14 will be broadcast on January 20. A three-hour epic conclusion to the critically and commercially successful television series, split into two episodes, will air on January 21.

This article was first published on January 18, 2017