Goblin: Behind-the-scenes clip unveils Gong Yoo's off-screen chemistry with crew members

Gong Yoo was seen with his 'funny antics' on the set when he is not filming the scenes.

Gong Yoo Goblin
Gong Yoo in episode 1 of tvN's 'Goblin.' facebook.com/Goblin.official

The popular tvN series Goblin is almost heading towards its finale, and it was quite an exhausting one for the cast and crew of the series. Gong Yoo's agency has now released interesting behind-the-scenes clip of the Goblin's lead actor.

Gong Yoo had to spend long hours on the film set, and it was quite difficult considering the winter season. But, no matter how challenging the situations are Gong Yoo was seen with his 'funny antics' on the set, when he is not filming the scenes.

The actor's agency gave a glimpse of professionalism of Gong Yoo which he carries to the set despite the long tiring work schedules. In fact, some of the shots show that the actor is laughing with the other crew members or studying his script or preparing for his scenes, according to the actor's agency, Management Soop, through the Naver V app, as cited by Korea Herald.

In one of the shots, the actor was seen snubbing jokingly at the cameraman when he noticed that the camera is focused on him as it was a break. In another shot, the actor was seen being too focused while acting out a scene.

In other news, avid fans of Goblin are eagerly awaiting for the release of the final three episodes of the drama. In a recent interview with South Korean news outlet TV Report, Yoon Da Yeong revealed that only the writer of the drama knows about the finale. She further stated that, along with fans, she is waiting for each and every episode of her own drama to find out what happens next.

Goblin will air episode 14 on 20 January and final two episodes back-to-back will be released on 21 January.

This article was first published on January 20, 2017