'Go back to Asia, You F****ng Asian C**t', Racist Black Man Shouts at Woman For Refusing Lunch Date

An Asian woman was subjected to a string of degrading racist comments after she turned down an offer of going on a lunch date with a man in Los Angeles. The incident took place on Monday afternoon at the El Taurino restaurant located Hoover street near Koreatown.

The victim, a Korean woman, was waiting in the line for her order at the restaurant when the man, who identified himself as Fredrick Douglas Smith, approached her with an offer to have lunch with him. Smith even handed his card to the Asian woman.

Fredrick Douglas Smith
Man who identified himself as Fredrick Douglas Smith in racist rant against an Asian woman Instagram

Racist Man Brags Being a Contributor to Obama Administration

Perturbed over the racist abuse, the woman, identified as HD Lee, took to Instagram to describe her ordeal. She posted the video of the incident, stating that she will never forget the words that the racist man uttered.

Detailing her abuse, Lee said that she was verbally and almost physically assaulted by a stranger due to the color of her skin. "I was waiting in line to order food, the person next to me handed me their card and said let's have lunch together. I declined and said, "I'm sorry, I'm married." He then snatched his card back and screamed the most HATEFUL racial slurs and DEGRADING words in the English dictionary towards me," wrote Lee in her post.

In the two-minute video, the man, wearing a pink colored T-shirt and blue cap, is seen hurling abuses at Lee calling her a 'f***ng Asian c**t'. When Lee asked people standing next to her for help, Smith is heard saying, "Yeah help her get back to fucking Asia. Nobody ain't gonna help you."

Smith is then seen removing his mask and revealing his identity, social security number and date of birth. Stating that he is a contributor to the Obama administration, Smith is heard saying, "You f***ng Asian c**t! Get the fuck out of here, you b***h!"

LAPD Refuses To File Report

Lee, who was on a work call when the incident occurred, is heard telling a 'Tanya' that she is being racially abused. Not done with his outburst, the black male is then heard telling Lee that she looks like s**t.

Then, two employees of the restaurant intervened and led the shouting black man away. Before moving out Smith is heard saying, "Tell her to stop shooting. Black lives matter."

Revealing that she was appalled that someone would tell her to "Go back to Asia" after being born and raised in the US, Lee said that it was disappointing that LAPD said there's NOTHING they can do to address the situation. Speaking to NextShark, Lee said that cops told her that this happens all the time while refusing to file her report.

Urging people to share the video to raise awareness about treating everyone with love and kindness is more important now than ever before, Lee said that she hopes and the man can be recognized and given some help before another person is attacked.