Glowing UFO spotted from flight's window, triggers invasion fear

YouTube Screenshot: mavi777

Popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Mavi777' has uploaded an eerie video recently which shows a bright UFO flying across the skies. The video was apparently shot from a plane window, and the authentic nature of the clip compelled many viewers to believe that extraterrestrial life is a reality.

The strange clip shows a cinematic scene where a UFO flies very near to the plane window, and the object spotted in the skies had a strange star-shaped tail. The conspiracy theory channel also reveals that the strange sighting was shot from the skies of Chile.

Interestingly, the UFO appeared in the skies seem very similar to the flying objects people have seen in Hollywood sci-fi flicks. The UFO seems moving along the direction of the plane, and as of now, no authorities have given an explanation for this sighting.

The video of the spooky sighting soon went viral on online spaces, and it is being now widely circulated on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Most of the viewers who watched the video argued that something strange is happening in the skies. Some conspiracy theorists even went a step ahead and claimed that aliens have visited earth to monitor our activities.

The new UFO sighting in Chile was reported just a few days after a giant alleged alien ship was spotted in the skies of New York. The UFO appeared in New York was cylindrical in shape, and it was seen hovering above the skies in broad daylight. Even though many skeptics consider this object a blimp, conspiracy theorists assured that it is either an alien vehicle or a secret military experimental vehicle. Some conspiracy theorists also blamed the government for covering up the real facts behind the existence of aliens.

As the number of UFO sightings all around the world has increased dramatically in the recent days, conspiracy theorists have also started speculating that extraterrestrial beings from deep space are now gearing up for a disclosure.

This article was first published on August 25, 2018
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