Fisherman shares his alien abduction story, and it is mind-blowing

Reptilian aliens
Representational Image Pixabay

A book written by a fisherman recalling his memories from the 1970s is now the hottest point of debate among alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists. In the book, Calvin Parker, the fisherman has written about an incident where he and his friend Charles Hickson were abducted by aliens.

Calvin Parker who is now 64-years-old revealed that the alien abduction happened in 1973. The fisherman recalled that he and his friend was abducted while they were fishing in the Pascagoula River, Mississippi. Parker says that he was abducted by two grey aliens who came in an 80-feet football ground sized craft.

As per Parker, the aliens whom he saw had wrinkled skin, and they had no neck. The fisherman also added that aliens conducted medical examinations on them before letting them free.

"A big light came out of the clouds. It was a blinding light. It was hard to tell with the lights so bright, but it looked like it was shaped like a football. I would say, just estimating, (it was) about 80-foot. It made a very little sound. It was just a hissing noise," wrote Parker in his book.

The author also revealed that he has finally decided to open up about the experiences as he has now turned old and has started experiencing NDE (Near-death experience).

"Everyone has an expiration date and I wanted to get this out there before I die. I've had some near-death experiences and I'm in bad health. I just wanted to do it. I catch myself going fishing at night and look up and wonder where they came from and how far did they travel and why they had to get me," added Parker, Metro reports.

In the meantime, conspiracy theory YouTube channel UFOmania has uploaded an eerie video showing a humanoid figure standing in the roadside of Texas as a car passes by. The video soon went viral, and conspiracy theorists started arguing that these sightings are an authentic proof of extraterrestrial existence.

This article was first published on August 17, 2018