Multiple UFO sightings in London terrifies local residents

YouTube: Mavi777

Popular conspiracy theory channel 'Mavi777' has released an eerie footage showing multiple UFOs hovering in the skies of London in various locations. The conspiracy theory channel reveals that the spooky incident apparently took place on August 15, 2018.

In the first clip, a bizarre shape-shifting UFO was seen appearing in the night skies, while the local residents were busy filming the event. After analyzing the first clip, conspiracy theorists started arguing that it is actually an inter-dimensional portal which appeared in the skies during the night. As per these theorists, advanced entities including aliens from the deep space are using these portals to travel from one world to another in a quick time.

In the second footage, a bright round UFO was seen moving speedily across the skies. Interestingly, another UFO with two bright lights in its body also appears in the same location.

As the videos went viral on online spaces, conspiracy theorists strongly assure that these sightings are an authentic proof of alien life. These theorists strongly believe that aliens from deep space have been visiting earth for hundreds of thousands of years, and now they are gearing up for an invasion. People who propagate this theory argue that the small UFOs which appear in the skies are actually alien scout ships which visit earth to analyze the conditions here.

After watching the video, viewers of 'Mavi777' also put forward various theories to explain these eerie sky sightings.

"Breathtaking footage my brother... the UK UFO was rotating... undeniable proof. Great work Mavi, as usual!," commented Christos Kaloudis, a YouTube user.

"Looks like aliens. But.. it could very well be the lights of the party too. I'm picking aliens because it's much more interesting and cooler.. hehehe," commented Stephen Dzienis, another YouTuber.

The new UFO sighting came just a few days after an alien figure was spotted in Texas. In a video leaked online, a green humanoid figure was standing in a Texas roadside, and many people started speculating that aliens have landed on earth.

This article was first published on August 18, 2018
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