Girls' Generation Member Sunny Leaves SM Entertainment After 16 Years

Girls' Generation member Sunny has left SM Entertainment after 16 years. The K-pop idol announced her departure from the record label through an Instagram post on Tuesday (August 8). She wrote a heartfelt letter to her fans and shared it with her five million followers.

The singer expressed gratitude to those who helped her create precious memories during the last 16 years. She thanked her teammates and the staff members of the entertainment company for their love and support. Sunny thanked the fans, the employees, and her managers for helping her to deliver good music, good performances, and various content.

The Girls' Generation member said she has mustered up the courage to look at herself through a new lens in a new environment. She said it would not have been possible without the unchanging love, support, and affection from the fans and other people around her.

Girls' Generation member Sunny
Girls' Generation member Sunny Instagram

Here is the Complete Letter from Girls' Generation member Sunny:

Girls' Generation member Sunny

Fans' Reactions

Soon after the Girls' Generation member shared the handwritten letter on her Instagram page, her fans expressed their love and support for Sunny.

"We will always support you, Sunny! No matter where you are, please find your happiness, and we'll be at your back, always!" a fan wrote.

"You're an amazing singer and human being. Thank you for everything, Sunny. We are all wishing you the best. Please, release some songs! I miss your voice," another fan commented.

"We love you and always support your decision. I need to see you be happy," a netizen shared.

"We love you so much, our sunshine! Whatever you do, we will always support and root for you! I fighting love!" another netizen shared.

"Unnie Saranghae, always remember that we are so proud of you. This will not be the last time to see you because you only leave SM, not Girls' Generation. We are here to support you and wait for you whenever you're ready to come back. We SONES love you so much," an Instagram user wrote.

Girls' Generation member Sunny
Girls' Generation member Sunny Instagram

"We are always with you and support you. Sis Be healthy and be happy," another social media user commented.

"No matter what you do, as long as you're happy, we will always support you. Over the past 16 years, you have brought beautiful memories, wonderful moments, and proud achievements to SONE. On stage, you've been professional; in gameshows and radio, you've been clever and funny. We always love and take pride in you, one of the perfect pieces of Girls' Generation," a netizen wrote.

"My girl, as long as you leave the company, you can move forward. Come back stronger and reach what you deserve while staying with the band. It means that I fully support you. Good luck, our beautiful sun, all the support, we are proud of you," another netizen shared.

"Dear sunny unnie, thank you for the past 16 years. You've always been our sunshine and a source of happiness for many people. Do what you want and love, and don't forget we're always here supporting whatever you do. Good luck on your new journey, unnie," a fan wrote.

"You work hard and do it well. Enjoy your new journey. Sone is always with you. Please come to Thailand for a fan meeting. Thai Sone miss you so much," another fan shared.

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