Girls' Generation Member Seohyun Explains How she is Different from her Character in Netflix Film Love and Leashes

Girls'Generation member Seohyun has explained how her real-life personality differs from the character she portrayed in the Netflix movie Love and Leashes. The actress featured a competing member of a public relations team named Jung Ji Woo in the romance drama. She falls in love with her teammate Jung Ji Hoo, portrayed by Lee Jun Young.

The movie is based on a webtoon by Gyeoul, titled Moral Sense. It follows Ji Woo and Ji Hoo as they get to know each other while working together. They begin their relationship with a secret. Ji Hoo has secret BDSM desires, and Ji Woo finds out about them. The couple agrees upon spending time together as a dominant master and a disciplined prisoner. Gradually, they fall in love with each other.

The movie features a proposal scene that shows Ji Hoo confessing his love to Ji Woo in front of their colleagues. Cast member Seohyun said that she could never be sincere to a person in such situations. It would be difficult to reject him in front of several people. The only choice could be to lie and inform him later that she did not like to embarrass him.

"Not in front of a crowd. I might say no. Saying no would break his heart, let alone in front of a crowd. But just because people are watching, I can't say yes and later tell him I didn't mean it. I can't do that. But if he is asking me to marry him, under the assumption that we already have faith in each other and we're ready to marry each other, the proposal with blessings from a lot of people would be nice too. That's something a lot of women would dream of", the actress said during an interview with the YouTube channel The Swoon.

Love and Leashes
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The Stepping Scene on Love and Leashes

The Girls' Generation member also spoke about the stepping scene in the film. According to her, it was one of the toughest scenes in the movie. She had to step on her co-star and hurt him. But Seohyun did not want to hurt Jun Young for real. She was worried about her expressions.

"This is the second play. You gave me a birthday gift. So, should I step on you? Then I step on you. We were new to this action. So we talked about it a lot, the direction we should go. As a person stepping on you, I was worried about how to express my emotions and how much I should express them. And I had to step on you for real. I didn't want to hurt you, but then if I faked it too much, it would show. So I was worried about that", the actress said.

The movie was released on Netflix on February 11. Other cast members of the movie are Lee El, Seo Hyun Woo, Kim Han Na, Lee Suk Hyeong, Kim Bo Ra, Baek Hyun Joo, and Ahn Seung Gyun.