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You deserve to get your hands into these apps without being charged, so get them now while they are still free.

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The best things in life are free. But when it comes to the finest and most useful smartphone and tablet apps, it is not always the case. However, app developers believe you deserve to get your hands into these apps without being charged. Get these free iOS apps now for a limited time only.

Publisher Master (US$6.99)

As a design and publishing app, Publisher Master allows you to easily craft head-turning advertisements, invitation cards, banners, posters, etc. This app does not require you to unleash the graphics designer and layout artist in you as its drag-and-drop system will make everything convenient for you.

Download Publisher Master for iOS here.

Earthlapse (US$0.99)

Your dream to explore the outer space does not have to be expensive. Earthlapse gives you a stunning view of the earth and everything around it right from the window seat of the International Space Station.

Download Earthlapse for iOS here.

WonderNote (US$0.99)

Keep a digital diary book for easy documentation of your daily life. WonderNote is not your ordinary mobile diary though as it supports three ways to record your life: text, photo and voice.

Download WonderNote for iOS here.

AirDisk Pro (US$1.99)

Wireless flash drive, anyone? AirDisk Pro gives you the ability to keep, view and manage files on your devices. With a little help from a Wi-Fi connection, you can drag and drop files from Windows Explorer or Finder to wherever you want them to transfer.

Download AirDisk Pro for iOS here.


Do you know any mapping service app that lets you chat? Let me introduce you to WhereRU, an app that can do just that. This tool allows you to create a group of users wherein you can see each other's current locations in real-time. This is ideal for family outings, team building, sports teams and traveling with friends.

Download WhereRU for iOS here.

Which app is most useful to you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

This article was first published on September 9, 2017