Download these coolest iOS apps of the week for free!

Here's this week's free iOS apps!

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This week's free iOS apps list is composed of a unique calorie counter, an app used by an Oscar-winning filmmaker for his masterpiece and a tool to help you pull off a professional photo. Grab your phones now and download these apps from the iOS and iTunes App Store while they are still free.

8mm Vintage Camera

First off the list is an 'Oscar award-winning' app. The 8mm Vintage Camera was used by director Malik Bendjelloul in his Academy-winning film Searching for Sugar Man. This app allows you to render old school and vintage effects for your videos.

Some of the effects include retro colours, even frame shakes, dust and scratches, flickering and light leaks. It even supports up to 4k HD recording! Get it for free and save US$4 now! Download it here.


Adding texts to your photos is made easy with Typics. Either these are quotes, meme, greeting cards, business cards, posters and flyers or social media posts, you can count on this app.

It has a proven track record around the world being ranked as the top app in the photo and video category on App Store. Download it here.


This cash manager app is straightforward, safe and easy to use. It boasts several functions. Keep track of your daily spending, monitor your earnings, define your budget and meet goals.

If you are on the road more often, no other budget management apps suit you well enough than Coyn. Download it here.


Want to port that impressive bokeh effect on your photos? Speckle can help you with that without ever needing a professional camera. Not to mention, this app can do so much for you with its other photo editing tools. Download it here.


Looking for the easiest way to count your calorie? Fast|Food|Diary should be your new diet buddy. What makes it unique, as the name suggests, is that you can now estimate the number of calories you get from the fast food that you eat. Isn't that amazing? Download it here.

This article was first published on September 2, 2017