Georgia Jailer Charged After She Gets Caught on Camera Having Sex with Inmate inside Control Tower

A Clayton County corrections officer ended up behind bars after she was caught on camera having sex with an inmate.

As reported by Channel 2, investigators say Mary Moore, 21, engaged in sexual acts with a detainee in the control tower doorway inside a housing unit at the Clayton County Jail. The control tower sits in the center of the housing unit.

Clayton County Jail
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Moore now faces sexual assault by a law enforcement employee who engages in sexual contact with an individual. Law enforcement said the sex acts were captured on surveillance video and that Moore confessed to the crime, according to the local news outlet.

Channel 2's Tom Jones called Moore to get her side of the story. "This is Tom Jones from Channel 2. I wanted to get your side (of) the story about your arrest. Did you do what they say you did?" Jones asked her.

That's when the call ended. Moore had hung up.

People who live in the county say if the allegations are true, Moore crossed the line.

"That's ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous," one person told Jones.

"Some people just don't care, I guess. And now you're facing charges for doing something stupid. A split decision has now changed your life," opined another.

Moore is currently out on $5,000 bond. Jones contacted the jail to see if she still has her job, but so far he has not heard back from them.

Last month, a Wisconsin woman who was employed as a prison supervisor was arrested for having a sexual relationship with an inmate. The woman, identified as Jacqueline Heidt, 37, engaged in sexual acts insider her office at the prison.

Heidt was removed from her position as a unit supervisor at the Racine Correctional Institute and arrested after the inappropriate relationship came to light and charged with second degree sexual assault by correctional staff and misconduct in public office, among other charges, as previously reported.