Area 51 mysteries continue: Multiple UFOs spotted in Nevada a proof of secret military experiments?

YouTube: mavi777

Conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'mavi777' has released the eerie footage of multiple UFOs on the skies, and they sensationally claim that the clip has been shot from the skies of Nevada. The video shows three bright flying objects hovering in the skies, and at the first glance, they don't look like any known human-made aircraft.

The YouTube channel reveals that the video was captured by a jet plane passenger at approximately 35,000 feet altitude. The eyewitness who spotted the UFO sighting claims that the aircraft was above a desert while he captured the spooky sky sighting.

As the video went viral, conspiracy theorists started arguing that Area 51, the confidential US military base is actually an alien testing laboratory. These theorists also blame the US government for hiding the real truths surrounding extraterrestrial existence and they make it clear that space agencies like NASA are well aware of alien UFOs that visit earth.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that Donald Trump has ordered to develop a space force to combat the threats posed by these extraterrestrials.

After watching the video, several viewers put forward various theories to explain this bizarre UFO sighting.

"Once again obvious ufos they seem to be everywhere someone needs to tell us exactly what's going on!?" commented Lisa B, a YouTube user.

Polonium Halos, another YouTube user argued that the American government is not at all concerned about the national security.

"So what now they just let anyone in American airspace? Why isn't this a matter of national security? They could be using bioweapons or they could have nukes. Where's the Air Force or space force?," Halos commented.

This is not the first time that strange objects are being spotted in the skies above Area 51. In May 2017, Steve Barone, a paranormal investigator had spotted pulsating lights possibly above Area 51. After spotting the UFOs in the alleged confidential area, Barone argued that the US military might be testing alien technology powered spacecraft in the skies above Area 51.

This article was first published on July 28, 2018