Galaxy S8 red-tint fix rolling out in Europe

Samsung is rolling out a fix for the red tint issue in Germany, Turkey and the UK.

Galaxy S8
Galaxy S8 red tint fix rolling out in Europe

European Galaxy S8 users have just started receiving Samsung's software fix for red tint issue, following its initial rollout in Korea. Germany, Turkey and the UK will be the first European countries to embrace the bug-fix update, which introduces a new slider for adjusting warmer or cooler colours on the display.

Galaxy S8 - Fix for red tint issue revealed
Galaxy S8 - Fix for red tint issue revealed

One may also make finer adjustments with the individual RGB sliders through the advanced section, wherein you can also change the white balance at the edges of the screen to rectify the red tint issue on the phone. However, the changes you make to the colour balance settings may take around ten minutes to get enabled.

Those who cannot wait for the rollout of the official fix may check for the bug-fix update and install it manually via Settings > Software update > Download updates manually.

As the update size is quite heavy at 426MB, it could harbour some feature enhancements rather than just a couple of bug-fixes. Meanwhile, those who are dissatisfied with the software fix offered by Samsung may request a replacement of the faulty device, especially given the limitation of saving the colour balance settings within the Adaptive display mode and not in AMOLED cinema, AMOLED photo or Basic.

Additionally, users will be unable to save the new colour balance settings, if the blue light filter is turned on or still running on the phone. Nevertheless, do let us know in the comments section (below) if the software fix helped you resolve the red tint issue or if you tried some other workaround that you would like to share with our readers.

[Source: SamMobile]


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