Galaxy S8 gets bug-fix for red screen tint via update in Korea

Samsung starts rolling out bug-fix for Galaxy S8's red tint problem.

Galaxy S8 Red Tint issue
Galaxy S8 gets bug-fix for red screen tint problem via Korean update

Galaxy S8 and S8+ users in Korea are in for some great news as Samsung has just begun rolling out its latest bug-fix update to address the red tint issue on all affected handsets in its home country. Unfortunately, those residing outside Korea may have to wait a bit longer as it may need carrier approval before the public release.

Earlier, some S8 users expressed their disappointment about the persisting red tint issue with their phone's display in online communities, while Samsung had dismissed all such claims and complaints saying that it wasn't some hardware or software quality issue on their part.

There have been varying degrees of redness irregularity being reported by affected users. However, Samsung has lived up to its promise of offering an update to fix the problem at the users' end.

Furthermore, all affected users have been assured of a free replacement if the issue persisted even after installing the update.

The bug-fix update brings a couple of new options to the screen mode settings wherein one can attempt fixing the red tint across the entire screen using the 'full screen colour balance' option or opt for the 'screen edge colour balance' option for adjusting the off-angle shift in colour on the rolled edges of the display.

It is, however, reported that the full-screen colour settings don't work well in calibrated modes and in such cases users may try the second option for improved colour accuracy.

Following the Korean release, Samsung is expected to roll out the update soon across other countries worldwide.

[Source: XDA via SamMobile]