Future humans will be a mix of organics and technology, claims top expert

A section of skeptics believe that the advent of artificial intelligence will bring an end to human dominance on earth

Artificial Intelligence

As artificial intelligence (AI) starts dominating all course of human lives, a top expert has predicted that humans who live in the future could be a mix of organics and technology. Professor David J. Gunkel, an expert in robot ethics at Northern Illinois University in Chicago revealed that the actual legal standing of robots will be a point of big debate in the future.

Human cyborgs to live in the future

Gunkel made these remarks while talking exclusively to Express.co.uk. During the talk, Gunkel predicted that humans will augment themselves with artificial devices in the future, and it will increase the capabilities of these beings. Citing the example of a human pacemaker, Gunkel argued that augmenting devices inside the body will become a common practice in the future.

"We all carry mobile phones around in our pockets or have them in our purses. That's a kind of external memory device, an external brain, that augments our own cognitive abilities. I think the future is going to be not an us versus them, but us and them. At one time putting a pacemaker in your body would be considered weird by a lot of people and now it's just standard practice. As more of this technology becomes acceptable and accessible that line will move in the direction of permitting greater augmentation within our bodies and less of us will be concerned about it," Gunkel told Express.

Gunkel also predicted that the next 20-30 years will be quite crucial for robotics. He made it clear that the augmentation of technology in human bodies will not be a sudden process, but will be a gradual process that will happen over the years.

Technology will lessen human pain and worries

A few days back, David Pearce, a popular transhumanist had claimed that advancement in technology could end human worries that include pain and suffering. As per Pearce, advancement in areas like gene editing, robotics, and artificial intelligence have direct impacts on revolutionizing human lives in the coming years.

However, environmentalist James Lovelock believes that cyborgs powered by artificial intelligence will develop self-sufficiency and self-awareness in the future, and this will end the dominance of humans on the blue planet.

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